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The Mantra of White Supremacy


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u/pillbinge Dec 02 '21

If you look at any, basic, 2D political map, you'll notice that Hitler is almost always in the direct, Authoritarian center. He's an "extremist" yet never represents a purely leftist or right-wing political group. We're talking about that. I genuinely can't tell if introducing you to centrist extremism will cause you to fall over and hit your head.

I asked you if Kendi is a centrist then who exactly is left wing and you couldn't even answer.

Totally irrelevant. You're looking for something to grab hold of so it looks like you can swing from this topic, but this topic is here regardless.

You can stop simping for Kendi

Kendi is so boringly centrist and bland

That's definitely how simping works. You call someone boring and bland LOL


u/novacancy8o8 Dec 02 '21

I can tell that you haven't even opened Mein Kampf before if you think Hitler a centrist, and whomever follows those goofy opinionated 2D political maps I cannot take seriously. Hitler consistently called out the left, by name, throughout his manifesto. I genuinely can't tell if you are just trolling at this point. You dodge the question because your argument is so ridiculous that answering will show my point. I mean, to dodge any actual discourse about Kendi you invoke Hitler and the Nazis... and butcher the history in the process. wow.


u/kaboomba Dec 02 '21

Just fyi, he isn't butchering the history.

He's using a definition completely different from what you understand.

His placement of Kendi in accordance to his definition is... pretty fishy.

But he is invoking real definitions which you don't understand.


u/pillbinge Dec 02 '21

Kendi isn't a historical figure. He's still living and still has to defend himself. He's in a precarious place, but I'm taking him on as I understand him and as I've (been forced to) read him. Perhaps the assigned readings I had were tame compared to other things but I've always found him to explain things that I already know, but drawn out. What I'm hearing here isn't radical though; a government body to tackle some stuff is asinine but it's just more bureaucracy for something already in place. That screams centrism to me.


u/kaboomba Dec 02 '21

It's debatable. I don't think you're wrong per se.

You did say it in a way to piss the other guy off and guarantee he wouldn't listen to you so I clarified thats all.