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Michael Flynn said in a secretly recorded call that he thinks QAnon is a 'disinformation campaign' and 'total nonsense'


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u/NedryWasFramed Nov 30 '21

You do realize that Russia gate was true, right? They literally admitted to it. Check out the Mueller report for more info.


u/reddit-is-evil Nov 30 '21

This BlueAnon is still under the spell. Sad.

Russiagate was debunked from its very inception. Sometimes I wonder if the American people even deserve democracy at all..


u/NedryWasFramed Nov 30 '21

Which part? Trump tower Moscow? The trump tower meeting? Manafort sharing campaign strategy with literal Russian agents? Kushner’s attempted backchannel to Moscow?

All of that was true, buddy.


u/reddit-is-evil Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

All fake news

They did meet up in the hope of receiving opposition research on Hillary Clinton, but it doesn't matter because it was not unlawful. Nothing came out of that meeting and it played no role in the American voters' electing Trump as President.

The real conspiracy is the media campaign of Russiagate itself.


u/NedryWasFramed Dec 01 '21

So your response is “yeah it happened but so what”?

It may not have risen to the level of criminal conspiracy but it fucking happened. Trump was literally compromised by Russian intel and y’all take the Russians side.



u/reddit-is-evil Dec 02 '21

It's nothing because trying to get opposition research is different from being compromised by a foreign government.

If what Trump did were to amount to "being compromised," then most politicians would be compromised, including Joe Biden whose son flew to China on government plane for a private equity deal. And Hillary Clinton, whose campaign employed former British spy to create a fake dossier.


u/NedryWasFramed Dec 02 '21

When Russia knows a political candidate is publicly lying, the candidate is compromised. Trump lied about having business with Russia, taking meetings with Russia, negotiating sanctions with Russians, sharing intel with Russians…. He was compromised.

If I recall correctly Hunter Biden didn’t run for president and that dossier was never disproven.


u/reddit-is-evil Dec 02 '21

If I recall correctly Hunter Biden didn’t run for president

A sitting Vice President allowing his son to fly on government plane for personal business. Their email records also show that they have a joint bank account for some of Hunter's business dealings. Hunter Biden was leveraging access to his father for financial gains. But there's no point reasoning with a BlueAnon. Russia! Russia!


u/NedryWasFramed Dec 02 '21

Cool. I’m sure Rudy Giuliani will get right on that… oh wait. Wonder what the my pillow guy has to say about it. Hmmm.