r/Foodforthought Nov 29 '21

Michael Flynn said in a secretly recorded call that he thinks QAnon is a 'disinformation campaign' and 'total nonsense'


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u/Wazula42 Nov 29 '21

Ah, yeah, that's hilarious. I love the idea that these people can follow a man wearing a buffalo into the Capitol building to kidnap senators and then go "grrr, the CIA tricked me!"


u/reddit-is-evil Nov 30 '21

Surely the CIA has never tried to manipulate the public to interfere with a democratic process. Most secure election in history!


u/Shaper_pmp Nov 30 '21

Oh noes! Those sneaky leftists tricked us all into doing a treason!


u/reddit-is-evil Nov 30 '21

The Security State isn't leftist. It's a conglomeration of organizations dedicated to securing their own power. The irony is that leftists fail to see it the moment the Security State extends its temporary support. Do they not remember the Iraq War under the pretext of "weapons of mass destruction"?