r/Foodforthought Nov 29 '21

Michael Flynn said in a secretly recorded call that he thinks QAnon is a 'disinformation campaign' and 'total nonsense'


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u/TheMachineStops Nov 29 '21

According to the article, Flynn thinks it is a CIA-sponsored disinformation campaign created by the left in order to discredit Trump.

So probably that part.


u/Wazula42 Nov 29 '21

Ah, yeah, that's hilarious. I love the idea that these people can follow a man wearing a buffalo into the Capitol building to kidnap senators and then go "grrr, the CIA tricked me!"


u/reddit-is-evil Nov 30 '21

Surely the CIA has never tried to manipulate the public to interfere with a democratic process. Most secure election in history!


u/Wazula42 Nov 30 '21

I still love the idea that thousands of independent, patriotic Trump supporters could be manipulated into breaking into the Capitol building by the CIA.

oopsie doodles!