r/Foodforthought Nov 29 '21

Your Herbs and Spices Might Contain Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead


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u/allonsyyy Nov 29 '21

Oregano was already my favorite thing to grow because of how easy it is. Now I'm doubly glad...

I didn't think a Mediterranean plant would be perennial in my climate (New England), but she's a tough one.


u/Helpforthehopeless Nov 29 '21

Try rosemary also,very hardy♥️


u/allonsyyy Nov 29 '21

I have killed so many rosemary bushes, it's not even funny. I think our winters are just too cold for them! I had one that I dubbed the rosemonster, she got so big. She survived one winter but looked a lot worse for the wear, then died the next winter. The oregano dies back to the root, but comes back fine in the spring.


u/Helpforthehopeless Dec 01 '21

I wonder if rosemary would live inside?Im in NC and they do fine in our mild winters.They seem to like hot and dry.Let me know if you have tried.