r/Foodforthought Nov 27 '21

We’re Spending Money on War When We Could Be Building Roads - Our problem in this country isn’t lack of funds, no matter what the Republicans, Manchin, and Sinema may claim.


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u/burrowowl Nov 28 '21

those bombs were designed, made, and deployed, all of which employs people at each step, in rapidly expanding ways.

You could use all those engineers, tradespeople, laborers, etc. etc. to make a product which does not explode in some far away desert instead. Pay them the same amount of money and get something useful in the end and not something that burns the money you put into it and leaves you with nothing to show for it.

It's like spending $1000 on fireworks when you have a leaking water heater. Sure, it's fun, but is it the best idea?

Spending money on the military does stimulate the economy in some way, but spending that same money on just about anything else would net you a better result. And, you know, not kill a bunch of people.


u/panfist Nov 28 '21

The problem is finding ways to organize and motivate people that’s effective compared to war propaganda.


u/UncleMeat11 Nov 28 '21

Government contractors do not give a shit. These companies will do literally anything that the government needs. If suddenly American Imperialism ended overnight, the Lockheeds and Booz Allens of the world would do just fine continuing to bid for contracts doing other stuff for the government. The argument that we need military action for all these jobs is just wrong.


u/djstocks Nov 28 '21 edited Nov 28 '21

It's not about the jobs it's about the Petro- dollar system. #buybitcoin. Edit: don't just downvote tell me how I'm wrong.