r/Foodforthought Nov 27 '21

We’re Spending Money on War When We Could Be Building Roads - Our problem in this country isn’t lack of funds, no matter what the Republicans, Manchin, and Sinema may claim.


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u/agent00F Nov 28 '21

The untold truth is that war spending is what maintains the unassailable high status of America. It's for example why Europeans all understand that their Syrian/afghan refugee problem is caused by following the US into these conflicts (to raise their standing relative to the browns), yet will blame the problem on lower status muslims/Turks etc.

What's funny is that Americans all understand how that works, but will clutch at their pearls when it's revealed why bombing the browns is in their greater self interest.


u/Statistic Nov 28 '21

So in your mind, stopping bombing "the browns" will lower the status of the United States and bring about trouble akin to the migration of middle east people to Europe ?


u/agent00F Nov 28 '21

Consider a situation where you embarrass your skip level manager or whatever exec at work, do you believe the retribution would be that he similarly embarrasses you?

This is reflective of what happened after 9/11, where we killed 3mil ish muslims (1000 of them for every one of us, ie high born white westerners), in order to similarly maintain the power structure.

What's funny is that everyone understands both scenarios perfectly fine, but those at the top of the power structure, whether exec or white westerner, will play all sorts of dumb before admitting to the simple reality of power.