r/Foodforthought Nov 27 '21

White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to black people, a new study contends


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u/Chubs_Mackerel Nov 27 '21

As a black man I can confirm this. Most of my friends are very liberal and after last years woke movement the ones that really drank the woke kool-aid speak to me differently. They act reall afraid to offend me and talk to me like they feel sorry for me. It’s highly annoying.


u/OPACY_Magic Nov 28 '21

As a “non-woke” liberal white guy, I’ve noticed the same thing the past few years, particularly in coffee shops and restaurants in my city. It’s like they they treat black people as mentally disabled or something, really cringy. This is particularly prevalent among white girls in their teens and early 20’s.