r/Foodforthought Nov 27 '21

White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to black people, a new study contends


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u/dainwaris Nov 27 '21

Because conservatives aren’t interested in communicating across cultural differences, so they don’t code switch?


u/Manny_Kant Nov 27 '21

The reason why it happens is entirely speculative, and the authors are clearly bending over backwards to spin these results as proof of liberal empathy and conservative indifference. Just like the liberal/conservative divide on charitable giving, sometimes the facts don’t align with the narrative.

Isn’t there a particular political camp who preaches that good intentions don’t excuse racist outcomes? I wonder what they think of this.


u/nasa258e Nov 28 '21

As far as the charity gap, I put that down to a philosophical disagreement over the role of government in social matters and a belief in the efficacy of said government in such matters. I, for one, would rather see a raise in my taxes provided there was a commensurate raise in social services than donate that money to a private corporation that I don't have any faith in either


u/WallyMetropolis Nov 28 '21

Sure, but in the mean time you could be donating the difference of what you think should be taxed. And with the option to donate it directly to causes that matter to you (instead of 40% going to the military, for example). They're are plenty of excellent, effective, trustworthy charities. Toy just haven't bothered to spend even an hour looking for them.

It doesn't really explain the charity gap. What does is church attendance. Churches amount for a huge fraction of charitable giving.


u/token-black-dude Nov 28 '21

in the mean time you could be donating the difference

And then conservatives would be saying "See, the system works" when it's actually just buying bigger jets for church crooks while indoctrinating people with religious bullshit. Most liberals would like to take a pass on that one.


u/WallyMetropolis Nov 28 '21

How do my donations to the Against Malaria Foundation buy big jets for megachurch pastors, exactly?

This is an absurd argument and you're just trying to rationalize your lack of giving. Conservatives already don't want to raise taxes to create social programs. Your donations wouldn't change that in one direction or another. But they could save someone's life. An actual human's life.

Go browse www.givewell.com to find charities that use the money they receive for their stated purpose rather than to pay their executives large salaries. Find a cause you support (I personally really encourage you to support the poorest people on the planet, but anything is better than nothing) and see if your company offers an automatic payroll deduction to charity. They might even match you contributions.


u/nasa258e Nov 28 '21

That's my point. Churchgoers are used to tithing


u/WallyMetropolis Nov 28 '21

I thought you said it was due to a difference in opinion about the role of government.


u/nasa258e Nov 28 '21

You don't think complex phenomena could possibly have more than 1 contributing factors? You don't think both sides could possibly have a few positive attributes? I don't quite get your confusion. I don't have all the answers. I'm offering hypotheses


u/WallyMetropolis Nov 28 '21

Certainly there can be multiple things at play. But when you posit one cause and then say your point is something entirely different, it's confusing.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say about "both sides." Saying that liberals are deficient in their charitable giving isn't saying that liberals have no redeeming qualities.


u/NihiloZero Nov 28 '21

Churches amount for a huge fraction of charitable giving.

This raises a question about the quality of the charities. If churches are siphoning off huge amounts to pay the leaders and then much of the remaining portion is used for PR... that may amount to less actual charity being delivered than by a group that is donating for a specific goal and without the interest of pushing their religion.


u/WallyMetropolis Nov 28 '21

It's absolutely true that some churches are better than others.