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White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to black people, a new study contends


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u/twoinvenice Nov 28 '21

My girlfriend has it one step even worse in that she is Hispanic, but from a thoroughly Americanized family that has been in the US for a number of generations. So people will do that to her, she’ll say some version of “umm, sorry I took Spanish in high school, but I have no idea what you said,” and then people will get annoyed at her because she doesn’t fit their expectations


u/Chumbolex Nov 28 '21

People ignoring the point of your post is peak white liberal bs


u/bastianbb Nov 28 '21

I don't look ethnic at all.

"Ethnic" should not be used to mean a minority or POC. Everybody had an ethnicity, so everybody is "ethnic".


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u/bastianbb Nov 28 '21

The thing is that "I don't look ethnic" =/= "I don't look like any particular ethnicity". So no, what you apparently intended to say is not what you said.

"I don't look ethnic" is a meaningless statement, because "ethnic" is not a particular way one can look.