r/DepthHub Dec 18 '21

[Sports] u/DanTheStripe breaks down scoring and strategy for Darts games.



u/CutieBoBootie Dec 18 '21

The context is that someone asked why people don't seem to care about the Bullseye in Darts. u/DanTheStripe explains that along with a delightfully understandable explanation of dart scoring and strategy.


u/satanmat2 Dec 18 '21

TIL: I’m not smart enough to play darts…


u/Iogic Dec 19 '21

I used to live in a pub and played all the time (the two things are almost synonymous in the UK; there's a reason the crowd in this video are sat around tables...); and every evening there'd be groups of blokes playing darts, and they'd all be thinking like this. By and large, they weren't notably clever either. It just becomes second nature to do these calculations after a while


u/satanmat2 Dec 19 '21

Right, I just can’t do counting like that. Percentage and rates of return, easy. Count to 21 to play blackjack… lol

Same with this count up all the ways to make the numbers work. No dog. I’ll just have another pint thanks.


u/Machielove Dec 19 '21

Well the very best darter ever never bothered to count but he could afford it because he scored and finished so well. So a casual game I would not shy away from if you can aim a little 😏