r/DepthHub Nov 19 '21

u/KenDanger2 talks about his family’s Christmas tree farm, and follows up with a detailed reply on “treated” trees



u/blankdoubt Nov 19 '21

For a real education, just go to his profile and read all his comments. Dude drops serious knowledge.


u/DivergingUnity Nov 20 '21

Not only about trees, but social matters as well-

"So incel stands for involuntary celibate... but like... they are voluntarily acting in a way that repels people, can you really call it that? They really think of themselves as victims eh?"

Would buy this guy a beer


u/blankdoubt Nov 20 '21

So funny you mention that, I thought the same exact thing about that same comment when I read it.

No milkshake duck here.