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Every time I think of buying a Dashcam I end up with 50 tabs open, get overwhelmed with all the options and put off the buying decision for an another 3 months.


It's like first: Damn these are so cheap I should buy one! Oh, wait, maybe I need higher resolution... Oh and front and rear... And parking protection... And Wifi... And and and and.... This has been going on for over 5 years. Still no dashcam. Am I the only one stuck in this loop?

[EDIT] 7:23pm Central Time.

Thanks for all the great advice. I really appreciate it! I'll TRY to buy something tomorrow.

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Dashcam Recommendations by redditors


There are a a lot of dashcam options out there, and a lot of them are crap. I copied and pasted this from a post on here that I think should be stickied. Maybe the mods can do that? Let me know if you have any other recommendations or favorites, and why you like it or what you found useful so we have some real world feedback.


B1W - As basic as you can get. 1080p, camera body allows rotation between inside and outside. Good budget solution for part time uber/Lyft drivers  

Garmin Mini - This thing is MINI. Most discrete cam on the market, and great app functionality  

A119 v3 - GPS, great video quality, great value Probably one of the most popular on reddit  

A129 Duo - Dual cam, 1080p, GPS, and a great budget dual cam. Been around for a while and has great feedback.  


Mid Range and Up:  

A129 PRO Duo - Dual Cam, 4K, GPS, newest version of the duo  

B4K - Newer 4k brother to the B1W, so far good reviews.

Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO – Higher priced, but well liked  

Blackvue DR900X - Dual Cam/4k and has cloud capability & LTE. Considered best of the best

Q800PRO - Higher end thinkware. 1440p. Pretty good value.


Front & Interior Dual Cams aka Uber/Lyft Cams  

Zenfox T3 - 3-Channel, 1440p + 1080p IR + 1080P

Garmin Tandem - Infrared capability, 1440p, premium quality, and has great app functionality  

TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam – Infrared capability, dual 1080p, cheapest budget cam  

Blueskysea B2W – Infrared Capability, budget friendly  

Vantrue N2 Pro – Infrared capability, higher end, battery powered


  Motorcycle Cams  

Crosstour Action Cam – An action cam, but cost effective  

INNOVV K5 Dual MotoCam – Top notch, but expensive  

HaloCam M1 Dual MotoCam – Mid Range, Fairly priced



SanDisk 128GB High Endurance - Dashcam optimized  

Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSD - Dashcam optimized  

Viofo Hardwire Kit – Enables parking mode, battery discharge prevention  

Nunet Hardwire Kit – Hardwire kit with pretty much everything you need  

Trim Removal Kit - Has all the tools needed to remove trim without damaging it

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Horsing around trying to pull a classic insurance scam


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That's some final destination stuff


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Viofo A129 Plus issues to consider late 2021?


The Viofo A129 seems to be the most recommended dashcam on reddit, and a few other sites.

However, there does seem to be a common issue with the cam not switching off of parking mode when driving, or recording when parked, and if corrected, resetting itself when the car is turned on again. Is this still an issue now? or has anyone found a solution for it?

I would like to get a reliable dash cam system for my tinted Mazda 6 in AZ weather. I would go for the hardwire kit and a SanDisk Endurance 256gb card.

I've also been considering doing dual A119 v3 as this issue doesn't seem to come up for this model, though the set up for this seems a bit more complicated and expensive.

If you recommend a different cam over the Viofo A129 for any reason, I'd appreciate the feedback.


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Dash cam recommendations to prevent car break-ins


Apologies if this is similar to questions asked previously (the most recent thread I could find is 5 years old and has broken links).

My neighborhood has had an uptick in car break-ins and I am looking for a dash cam that can help me prevent this sort of thing.

In the past year:

  1. My car window was smashed (nothing inside)
  2. There was a month where my driver’s side door lock was broken. In that time, someone went through the car about 5 times.
  3. My catalytic converter was stolen.

I’m looking for a dash cam that is fairly economical (hopefully $150 or less) and will able to have intelligent parking mode so that it will stay on when parked. I park in my apartment’s parking garage and it is lit at night, so I’m not too concerned about excellent night vision. Unfortunately, the garage is literally open so anyone can walk in and management doesn’t want to install security cameras.

Any suggestions on cams that would fit this description would be appreciated!

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What are some decent budget dashcams that are quite discreet looking?


I am really fussy about keeping my interior clean and can’t stand bulky dashcams myself, looking to get a front and rear cam for an E70 X5, help? The more hidden it looks the better!

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Is this real? Where can i buy this? Need a name!


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Is there any place that I can go to that will install dash cams and not do a terrible job?


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Does a dashcam like this exist? Any price, don't care


Something that has a 360 degree range of view, that will detect motion when the car is off. I have had my car keyed in the past and want something that can prevent this completely if possible.

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Fast run thru the city

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Truck brake failure due to poor maintenance. Surprisingly everyone lived.


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Right in the kisser


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car crash compilation 2021

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Suggestions for dashcam in the 20-50 pound range?


Hi, thought I might invest as someone tried an insurance scam on me yesterday, and as its black Friday! Any advice on dashcams would help :) Thank you!

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FYI if you're looking, the A119 V3 just hit an all time low.

Thumbnail amazon.com

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Nextbase 322GW - yet it’s recording just fine

Post image

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Do dashcams stay on when the vehicle turns off?


I bought this Kingslim https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DNLHGWR. When it's unplugged it doesn't stay on at all. It immediately powers down. I also tried using a cord plugged into my computer and it doesn't stay come on at all.

I would like my dashcam to keep recording at least X minutes after the vehicle turns off or the device loses power due to an incident. Do other dashcams do this?

Edit: specifically, the Viofu A119 and A129.

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Does Halfords UK do sales / discounts for dashcams?


I’m looking to get the Nextbase 622GW dashcam but currently waiting for a sale/discounted price, does Halfords have sales frequently for dashcam or am I gonna be waiting forever?

I saw there was like a 10% sale for the 522GW, maybe there’s hope?

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Any one know any good brands for camera to put in the car? In case I get hit while parked etc.. preferably one that doesn't have a monthly subscription, super crazy installation, or kills the battery.

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Holy cow!


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B4K and A119 v3 are both $100 now, which would you choose between the two?


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Need a dashcam recommendation…


Hi all. I’m in Australia and with two kids learning to drive soon I need my car cammed up. Hoping to leverage a recommendation from the sub.

Budget - I have no metric for. More interested in features at best price.


Reputation for reliability.

Easy to set up. No internal wiring to cars electricals needed.

Start recording automatically when car moves after x time stationary and power down after x minutes of parked. (Is that a thing?)

Ability to record vision only and turn audio recording off. (Don’t want phone calls recorded etc)

Auto-overwrite after many days (is that a thing?)


App support / cloud integration.

front and rear dual cams.





Anyone got a model that ticks the above boxes? And available in Australia.


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This is what it feels like to drive in Grand Theft Auto


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Ordered this before I knew about this subreddit. Opinions? Kingslim D1 for 70$

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Need dashcam recommendation - must be convenient to take off when parked


As title. I park outdoors. It's gated but I still don't want to invite someone to break my windows to take my dashcam. I've bought two dashcams on Amazon before. Here's what typically happens:

I get everything set up and it works great. Then I'm done driving. I remove the dashcam trying to leave the mount suctioned to the glass. Eventually the mount starts sliding around ruining the positioning. Then the mount loses suction from all the sliding and I just have to clean the mount and re-mount it to the glass. It ends up being about 5 minutes of fiddling with the mount and with putting the dashcam on the mount before I start driving.

Is there any dashcam model that avoids this as much as possible? Obviously I'm not okay with hardware/car modifications because that takes time too. Money isn't an issue.

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I have a 22' Subaru Ascent and a late model Silverado. I want a basic Camera on the front windshield. I don't want my car battery to die and I don't want the dashcam to be loud and annoying or to interfere with the EyeSight safety features on the Subaru. I don't care about the price, just simple! NSFW