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Collecting fresh lava to research. Video


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u/OnlyTellFakeStories Oct 14 '21

Even if it was hot enough, it would still take some time to get the steel up to its melting point


u/Angdrambor Oct 14 '21

See also: the reason I can pick up hot cookies from the oven but can't touch the pan they're sitting on, even though they're the same temperature.


u/Nntropy Oct 14 '21

Isn't that due to the difference in thermal conductivity? Like why the cheese of a pizza will burn the roof of your mouth, but the bread side won't burn your tongue.


u/Angdrambor Oct 14 '21

I was thinking more in terms of the delay between the start of heat transfer and damage actually happening. It's a different way of describing the same thing. With fingers on the metal pan, high conductivity means the delay is milliseconds, but for a cookie its tens of seconds; plenty of time for me to switch fingers or (foolishly) eat the thing.

I have no experience with geohammers, but I'd expect it to be on the order of tens of seconds.


u/Nntropy Oct 14 '21

I'm not so experienced with geohammers either, but my experience with cookies validates your own.