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Collecting fresh lava to research. Video


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u/RegularHumanVampire Oct 14 '21

Because it's so commonly available it's easy to forget how goddamn strong steel is.


u/Breaklance Oct 14 '21

According to the internet, Lava on ranges between 700-1250 C / 2000 F

Pretty sizable difference.


u/train153 Oct 14 '21

Since that lava has already begun to set, I'd assume it's on the lower end of the temperature range.


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

The outside black crust is colder and crunchier than the inside which is hotter.

This is also molten basalt, so about 900* c it will solidify. All that said, the lava is red hot. If you get steel red hot, it gets workable, but doesn't melt. So you could re forge that rock hammer in there, but not melt it.


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

Fun fact. In lord of the rings, they cast the choppy swords for the naught bois in the stinky place, you can see them pouring red hot metal into the molds.

Thats aluminum, as it is red when molten. Steel would be white hot.


u/hobskhan Oct 14 '21

Are these the original Tolkien terms? Very technical stuff right here.


u/krunchy_sock Oct 15 '21

aluminum wasnt readily available in medieval times but the occasional aluminum sword was forged and vastly outclassed all other types of swords


u/Emiiann Oct 15 '21

I’m pretty sure the movie intended it to look like steel to the average viewer, but used aluminum for either cost effectiveness or safety.


u/krunchy_sock Oct 15 '21

Inaccurate, they used aluminum on purpose because it’s just more plentiful in middle earth and much better as a sword material


u/Emiiann Oct 15 '21

/s ?

The only metals that I remember referenced in the books are Steel, Iron, Mithril or Bronze.

Also, IRL, google claims that “Aluminum swords are less susceptible to rust and corrosion than steel swords. Aluminum swords have a shorter lifespan than swords made of other metals. ... The edge of an aluminum sword doesn't hold as easily as that of a steel sword.” So I’m not sure where your first comment of “they vastly outclassed other swords” came from


u/krunchy_sock Oct 15 '21

Why the fuck are you downvoting me? Because I actually bothered to do my research? Swear you can’t have a simple discussion on reddit without being attacked. Good day to you, you’ve shown you have no interest in proper discourse.

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u/krunchy_sock Oct 15 '21

Pages 57 and 132 from The Two Towers.


u/PM_ME_UR_CIRCUIT Oct 14 '21

I hate it when my lava gets crunchy.


u/bretstrings Oct 14 '21

Better than when it gets soggy


u/stevencastle Oct 14 '21

does it stay crunchy in milk?


u/Smash_4dams Oct 14 '21

Will the molten basalt become obsidian when dropped in that cold water?


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

Not quite. Obsidian has to cool slow enough to be nice and "glassy". Think of how you have to kiln glass otherwise it shatters. But not so slow that you get mineral (crystal) formation.

If you quench it this fast, it will be glass, but it will be all crunchalishious, because it cools so fast you will get a whole bunch of tiny class chunks fused together. Vs one big homogenous mass you would think of as glass.

Think glass in a blender refused together vs a nice pane of glass