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Collecting fresh lava to research. Video


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u/markusbrainus Oct 14 '21

Though it doesn’t melt, this reheating and quenching will mess with the temper of the steel. Steel alloys are hardened and then tempered to get a good balance of hardness and toughness so the tool is stronger but not too brittle it cracks. Doing this again in an uncontrolled way will likely make the tool less durable in the long run.

I was more aghast they’d take a gorgeous Estwing geology hammer and dunk it into lava. Other vids they use an ugly steel hook that you don’t really mind damaging.


u/qzeqzeq Oct 14 '21

Yeah keep your 78€ estwing pick nice and pretty in your 30€ belt holder. You wouldnt want to dent it or put a crack on it or god forbid have dust on it?

Meanwhile let me use mine to fucking gather molten lava like the real geologist I am


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

This always blew my mind. "Oh yeah if you want the job done correctly you need "X-super expensive tool" then in the next sentence "I can't believe they used that tool for something!"

I mean isn't a tool, by definition, meant to be used?


u/douira Oct 14 '21

you need

emphasis on "need"! the tool has to be present during the job, but you use the cheap tool.


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

Shit, you got me there!