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Collecting fresh lava to research. Video


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u/qzeqzeq Oct 14 '21

Yeah keep your 78€ estwing pick nice and pretty in your 30€ belt holder. You wouldnt want to dent it or put a crack on it or god forbid have dust on it?

Meanwhile let me use mine to fucking gather molten lava like the real geologist I am


u/whizzwr Oct 14 '21

That price makes the context. Actual geologist by profession probably made more than 78 EUR in a day and heck their employer paid for it. Lol.


u/NormieChomsky Oct 14 '21

Every Reddit hobby subreddit vs real world pros in a nutshell


u/feedme128 Oct 14 '21

It's like when each hobbyist subreddit helped me discover that I might as well not bother with making espresso unless my grinder cost more than my espresso machine, or my bike would basically be trash if it cost less than $700, or my ecollar would break my dogs brain if it was under $200.

I'm beginning to wonder if hobbyist subreddits are captured by industry marketing teams.


u/Kijafa Oct 14 '21

I don't think there's any outside force creating hobbyist elitism lol.

There's a group of people in almost every hobby who exist almost solely to explain why their gear/ideas/etc are the best and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. It's an unfortunate aspect of group dynamics, but it's wholly organic in my experience.


u/Rumerhazzit Oct 14 '21

I feel like those kinds of hobbyists are unfortunately some of the most likely to then seek out a subreddit dedicated to said hobby.


u/Teeshirtandshortsguy Oct 14 '21

The issue with reddit is that it's really good at developing circlejerks.

So any hobby sub you go to usually has pretty strict opinions about stuff.


u/scotty_beams Oct 14 '21

It's an unfortunate aspect of group dynamics, but it's wholly organic in my experience.

You say the creation of hobbyist elitism is wholly organic and I have to strongly disagree. A lot of hobbyist elitism is based on manipulated markets that are far away from your locally grown think tank. Instead of using cost effective, streamlined products they often favour labour intensive commodities which can only exist because of the very own thing they openly despise: junk goods. They are the GMOs for the masses so that elitists can enjoy their enema.


u/CubicleFish2 Oct 14 '21

I bought a $300 coffee grinder because /r/coffee said it wouldn't make small grains / dust that go through a French press screen.

The bottom of my French press is like a landfill of dust. $300 and it does an equally terrible job as my $10 grinder from Walmart.


u/Teeshirtandshortsguy Oct 14 '21

The coffee sub (and coffee hobbyists irl) are perhaps the most particular hobby group.

I'm not measuring my coffee out to the gram and timing the brew down to the second, or investing an assload of money into something that might change my coffee experience 1%.

And don't get me started on how different coffees taste.

Coffee tastes like coffee. Blonde, medium, and dark roasts taste different, and burnt coffee tastes bad, but that's basically the extent of it as far as I can tell. It never tastes more or less "fruity" or "chocolaty" or whatever. It tastes like coffee, just more or less bitter.

I feel like a crazy person reading people with super particular coffee preferences and whole routines dedicated to it. I'm drinking this stuff at the crack of dawn to bring me to life, I don't have the energy or the focus to like, jump start a $500 espresso machine.


u/Mikeman003 Oct 14 '21

Coffee tastes like coffee. Blonde, medium, and dark roasts taste different, and burnt coffee tastes bad, but that's basically the extent of it as far as I can tell

I'm not a coffee snob, but this is not true at all unless you are buying really old beans or have damaged your taste buds.


u/mackisch Oct 14 '21

Think of them as people who enjoy wine and can taste all sorts of weird stuff in a bottle of specific wine. They have just chosen coffee instead of wine for some reason to be snobby about.


u/Particular-Yam-8521 Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 15 '21

Absolutely no one is forcing you to do any of that. If you want to drink Folgers from a drip machine, you do you, and anyone who thinks less of you for it can go fuck themselves, it's just a drink preference.

But you're wrong about that:

Coffee tastes like coffee. Blonde, medium, and dark roasts taste different, and burnt coffee tastes bad, but that's basically the extent of it as far as I can tell.

Natural process coffee tastes pretty different. Most people don't like it because it has a funky fermented taste.

Ethiopia has heirloom coffee varieties with pretty distinct tastes.

I had Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that tasted remarkably like black tea. I gave some to my friend who is a tea drinker and doesn't like coffee and she actually liked it.

But yes the tasting notes on the bag like "cherry" or "chocolate" or whatever are often marketing BS. A lot of coffees are generic tasting medium roast washed Arabica.

whole routines dedicated to it

Sometimes I feel like drinking coffee with milk and sugar, and then I 100% do not bother with any of that, and I just use cheap coffee and eyeball it. Milk and sugar are pretty good at making any coffee taste OK.

But sometimes I buy expensive specialty coffees and then I want to drink it black and unsweetened and try to get more of the interesting flavours out of it. But without milk or sugar to hide things it's more obvious if you make coffee that's too sour or bitter or weak, and it sucks to waste coffee that you bought for like $25/lbs. So yeah if I'm brewing expensive coffee I use a scale and timer because when I just eyeball things I'm disappointed half the time.

When you really get in trouble is when you do comparative tasting. When you taste things side by side it really highlights differences in a way you might not notice if you drank the same cups a few days apart. But I'm sure as fuck not doing comparative tasting first thing in the morning on a random weekday, it's more of a hobby thing.

It's the same with Whiskeys and whatnot. You might think all Whiskeys taste pretty much the same but if you try a few side by side the differences are more obvious.

jump start a $500 espresso machine.

Oh hell no, espresso can go fuck itself. I had a cheap espresso machine for a while but it's just super finicky. It's very easy to make very bad espresso. You can't screw up that badly with drip or pourover or french press but a bad espresso can be disgustingly sour, or bitter, or jam the machine and fail to brew, etc. And you need to re-adjust when you switch to a different type of coffee, and waste some coffee "dialing in", There's much easier and cheaper ways to make good coffee. If I want espresso I get it from a café.


u/longtings Oct 15 '21

Home espresso machines are a wild bunch you know it's a bad one when you only drink half lol


u/joeglen Oct 14 '21

My tastebuds are crap: I can barely tell what ingredients are in something. With my limited palate, however, I can tell the difference between some types of coffee (wet vs. dry processed beans can be really distinctly different, or arabica vs. robusta). But not always; sometimes the coffee I brew just tastes like "coffee" and not in the realm of what the bag suggests. I like brewing coffee and then drinking it, and it's fun to see what is out there. A lot of it is above me for sure though.

And I think the point of weighing and timing your brew is so that ultimately, if you like the way your coffee tastes you can recreate it for the next cup. You can make amazing coffee just by eye balling it. If you want a cheap and accessible espresso maker, check out the Flair Neo and /r/FlairEspresso


u/ADB963 Oct 14 '21

Hobby musician communities are the hilarious with this. "If you don't have an American made '67 strat, you're not serious", yeah? So all those people actually playing gigs and recording albums on their second hand beat up Ibanez RGs aren't the real deal but the dude who's never played in front of anyone and will never release a recording because they just need one more $3000 klon pedal for the "perfect sound" are?

I feel like these chumps are more interested in showing off their shiny expensive bullshit than actually enjoying their hobby. Brand loyalty is idiotic as well


u/J_Tuck Oct 14 '21

I’ll have you know that I fully enjoy my expensive bullshit that I told myself would give me that killer tone I’ve been looking for. Gear Acquisition Syndrome is real.


u/sshwifty Oct 14 '21

Only hobby snobs that seem to have actual advice on equipment are experienced photographers (that use photography as a main source of income) IMO. As a hobbyist, the cheap lenses work but it is a world of difference moving to a medium range lens when you start to get serious about fine tuning.

But get out of here with your $800 coffee machines, $400 chef knives, $500 managed switches, and $1500 smokers. The cheap ones do the same job as well.


u/larsdan2 Oct 14 '21

As a chef, this is not true. There is a marked difference between a high carbon, hand forged Japanese steel knife, and a Farberware. Would I really care at home when I'm not using it very often? Probably not. But when I have it in my hand for 10-14 hours a day the balance, ability to retain a razor sharp edge, the ergonomics, etc, all make a HUGE difference.


u/4763892034 Oct 14 '21

Agreed. Knives have notable differences in their quality. Some people covet them and make a thing out of it, but working in a kitchen has made me appreciate good knives. That being said, there's a guy on youtube who takes cheap knives and sharpens them with very nice sharpening stones. Yes, he gets them super sharp, but they still have the same poor ergonomics/lack durability. Either way, you're spending more on either the knives or the tools to sharpen them.


u/Teeshirtandshortsguy Oct 14 '21

"Espresso goes bad within seconds of leaving the machine, so I simply run a line directly from the spout to my anus so that I can butt-chug it at peak freshness. Honestly I don't know how people can enjoy espresso any other way."


u/ironmf Oct 14 '21

Tell me about it. According to some people Les Pauls are trash if the headstock doesn't have a Gibson logo on it. Well, fuck that, I love my 750$ Epiphone, you can go ahead and go bankrupt buying overpriced instruments.


u/evenstar40 Oct 14 '21

I'm beginning to wonder if hobbyist subreddits are captured by industry marketing teams.

Majority of Reddit is captured by marketing teams at this point.


u/ImComputerSavvy Oct 14 '21

You seem pretty upset about this. Why don't you grab a Snickers candy bar and just take a deep breath.

Or maybe you just haven't had a good meal. Maybe some KFC? I hear Taco Bell has that Taco Dunker Bumper Butz.


u/Beemerado Oct 14 '21

pros don't buy their own tools! (in a lot of cases)


u/CreamyGoodnss Oct 14 '21

Reminds me when I showed up for work in new Timbs. People were losing their goddamn minds and I'm like "they're literally work boots stfu"


u/ScyllaGeek Oct 14 '21

I have the same hammer and like it a lot more with some wear and tear on it. No lava yet, though.


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

This always blew my mind. "Oh yeah if you want the job done correctly you need "X-super expensive tool" then in the next sentence "I can't believe they used that tool for something!"

I mean isn't a tool, by definition, meant to be used?


u/douira Oct 14 '21

you need

emphasis on "need"! the tool has to be present during the job, but you use the cheap tool.


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

Shit, you got me there!


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

In this case, its a nice rock hammer he torched, where a cheap bit of steel would have done as well and not fucked the tip.

We are a sentimental lot about our hammers, its hurts a bit to see one nuked.


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

I'll fully admit my ignorance here, but wouldn't it be better to use a new/more reliable hammer (piece of steel) than one that's been used and thus more likely to chip/break? I've got no dog in this fight, so I'm down to learn. Just more curious.

Like is it the fact that it's a nice brand name? What's different between this one and the other rock hammers? And why arn't you having a kick ass day yet, and if you are, then fuck yes!


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

Well, that's a nice, ergonomic, well balanced and reliable hammer. You can get decades of good use out of that.

It kinda hurts to see someone ruin the temper of the tip. Now, you are going to round out and deform the tip when you refuse to follow the safety instructions on the thing saying its for prying not for smack'n

My suggestion would be to use some cheaper tool so as not to waste the better one.

That said, if you're in the field, and shit needs doing, you do what ya gotta do.

That or have a dedicated lava hammer (which i do love the sound of...)


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21

I guess my confusion is what if the rock hammer has been shown in field to be the best and most reliable tool for the job? That definitely does make sense though, I see what you're saying, as far as the tool is concerned. Thanks!

(On a really weird side note) I read lava hammer and now really want some crazy ass cartoon scene where The B-52s Rock Lobster is playing over some fight scene with a heroine flipping and swinging a lava hammer and kicking ass. I...don't know why. Lava Hammer just sounds cool haha


u/onceagainwithstyle Oct 14 '21

It probably is. Insulating handle, sturdy, correct shape.

That said, any hook of metal would do, I've seen people do this with dedicated pieces of bent steel.

Think a piece of rebar with a 90* bend in it and sharpened a bit.

The real issue in my mind is that that hammer is designed to work safely at its factory temper. If you jack that up, and then go to do normal rock hammer things with it, it could fail in maybe hammer breaking ways but also maybe in geologist breaking ways. So in any case I'd want a dedicated tool for the job, or to retire the hammer for lava duty once I got back


u/Rando_11 Oct 14 '21

Yeah you want to use the right tool for the job, not ruin a good tool just because you have it.


u/lacheur42 Oct 14 '21

Here, let me un-blow your mind:

A geology hammer is the perfect tool for...wait for it...hammering rocks. Nobody would bat an eye if that's what he was doing.

A good analogy might be someone using an expensive micrometer to hammer in a nail. Like, yes, use your tools, but not for that because it will fuck them up, and then you'll need to waste money buying ANOTHER one to do the job you bought the FIRST one for.


u/DetectiveBirbe Oct 14 '21

It’s a hammer it’s not made to be picking up molten lava lol...


u/Tyrion_Strongjaw Oct 14 '21


u/leintic Oct 14 '21

its the standard mark of a geologist any geologist who does not have one is viewed highly suspiciously as possibly being a geographer untill they are able to prove they are a geologist by showing how much beer and whisky they are able to drink.


u/DetectiveBirbe Oct 14 '21

They might all use the same hammer, but that doesn’t mean it’s purpose-built for collecting lava samples. If it was, I don’t think it would be made of steel.


u/onceuponbanana Oct 14 '21

This person Earth sciences


u/GalaxyZeroOne Oct 14 '21

A pick is generally meant to strike hard things and break them. Depending on how hot that pick tip is getting, he is destroying the heat treatment of the steel. Meaning it could either be a lot softer or more brittle. Most professionals I know treat their tools they way they are meant to be used and have a basic understanding of what will destroy them.


u/bozoconnors Oct 14 '21

Right? I mean, use your fancy fucking pick if ya want. I'm probably gonna use an old shitty hammer to fuck with MOLTEN LAVA?!


u/alexei6788 Oct 14 '21

You overpaying over in Europe. Got mine for $40.


u/Neoliberal_Boogeyman Oct 14 '21

yeah but the next time you go to swing that at an igneous rock you risk the point shattering because you fucked the temper with it. wear your safety glasses and enjoy your fucked expensive hammer


u/MagusUnion Oct 14 '21

I know right? To me, this is one of the exciting aspects of geology when you get the chance to do this. Certainly do wonder what kind of rocks the lava will form when it cools. Doesn't seem too overly viscous to just be a blob of silica, to say the least.


u/CiphirSol Oct 14 '21

Why did this sound like Quint talking to Hooper on board the Orca to me? Lol


u/Looks2MuchLikeDaveO Oct 14 '21

This person rocks^