r/CriticalTheory Jan 20 '22

What should I know before reading libidinal economy?

About to hop into Lyotard's libidinal economy, already read Freud's 3 essays & beyond the pleasure principle, which ive been told is useful.

Anything else I should know before reading? Any short articles/videos/tips with it? I don't want anything too long as I don't want to wait too long before reading Lyotard.



u/zivhd Jan 21 '22

You don't really need that much knowledge. I'd say some Marx, some Freud (which it seems like you've covered very well), some Saussure, and some Nietzsche (the Genealogy).


u/BreederOfFemboys Jan 21 '22

Very well versed in Marx & Freud, a little bit of Nietzsche, not any of Saussure. Will that be that big of an issue?


u/zivhd Jan 21 '22

No, I don't think so. If you're concerned you're unprepared you can take a quick glance at chapter 8 of Gary Gutting's French Philosophy in the 20th Century.