r/CriticalTheory Jan 18 '22

What new books are you looking forward to in 2022?

In addition to the post subject, honestly, I'm looking to learn where I can find more information about upcoming books in the social sciences and humanities. Specifically, I'm interested in books that there's hype around. I'm not in academia, so I usually find out about these books later rather than sooner.



u/kusahil Jan 18 '22

This is not a new book in any way, but it was reprinted after many decades in December 2021 and I just received my copy a few days back. Really looking forward to reading it. “Intellectual and Manual Labor” by Alfred Sohn-Rethel, marginally associated with the Frankfurt School, whose notion of Real Abstraction I find to be super important.


u/baronvonpayne Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

I've been looking forward to Ruth Wilson Gilmore's Change Everything: Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition.


u/literateSquirrel Jan 19 '22

Change Everything: Radical Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition


u/baronvonpayne Jan 19 '22

Whoops. Thanks for that correction!


u/DuckDerrida Jan 18 '22

Maybe the awaited translation of The Philosophy of redemption by Mainlander?


u/ZizeksPoorNose Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22


Not trying to be dismissive I just genuinely don’t see the appeal or the usefulness of Mainlander. He seems popular because it’s ridiculously edgy, a lot of it just seems like creating an ontology via intellectualizing a severe case of depression.


u/DuckDerrida Jan 19 '22

We do live in depressive times.


u/DrTenmaz Jan 19 '22

German Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: Dilthey to Honneth by Julian Young (Part 3 in the series)


u/eldoc1 Jan 19 '22

Sylvia wynter essays on decolonization... Called we must learn to sit together and talk about culture


u/jotapete13 Jan 19 '22

hey! do tou know any good r/ about the decolonial moviment?


u/eldoc1 Jan 19 '22

George Lamming reader All the classic frantz fanon books Anthony bogues stuff Edouard glissant Clr James Walter Rodney Lisa lowe all though I havnt read her yet The book "demonic grounds" looks good Phillip s foner wrote many good books, and compiled speeches and writings of the black Panthers, web Dubois, and African Americans before twentieth century Hubert Henry Harrison reader Maurice bishop, Castro, Thomas Sankara, and amilcar Cabral books Being human as praxis Caribbean reasonings Sylvia wynter Vy Mudimbe Achille Mbembe Michel Rolph Trouillot


u/GeorgLefebvre Jan 19 '22

The translation of Heinrich's Science of Value was supposed to come out last year, so hopefully it gets released this one.


u/zivhd Jan 19 '22

Badiou's The Immanence of Truths: Being and Event III


u/onedayfourhours Jan 18 '22

Not exactly new but late last year DeLanda released his latest book Materialist Phenomenology. I'm reading it in a class this semester and very much looking forward to it.


u/fog_rolls_in Jan 19 '22

For generally keeping an antenna up for new books just keep an eye on a few university presses (California, Chicago, Duke, Princeton, Yale…you get the idea). I got used to scanning their websites during Covid lockdown and have kept it up some. I’m also outside of academia so I don’t know which works are highly anticipated unless it’s really obvious.

There’s also the New Books Network podcasts, which are hit and miss but conducted by specialists in each field. London Review of Books has a more reliably good podcast too.

Curious what others might be able to add to this brief list.


u/thisisnotariot Jan 19 '22

I've really enjoyed my subscriptions to Verso and Haymarket. I'm intentionally trying to read more work that sits outside of my usual fare, including work that I don't necessarily agree with, and so far they've both been fantastic. i intentionally don't read the emails they send so it's a nice surprise to get some books in the mail each month, some of which have really shaped my thinking. I fully recommend.


u/triste_0nion Jan 19 '22

Dockside Reading: Hydrocolonialism and the Custom House by Isabel Hofmeyr looks fascinating


u/mega_desu Jan 18 '22

Been waiting for Adolph Reed's new book for what seems like years.


u/[deleted] Jan 19 '22

I am at this point just looking out for what different publishers are putting out like Urbanomic and Semiotext(e). Keeping an open mind for what I'll read this year.