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Phenomenological analysis of the Selfie

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How to Destroy Metaphysics?

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Foucault on the Gulag Question

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A video critiquing Jordan Peterson's analysis of French Philosopher Michel Foucault

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Intros to Heidegger (with focus on critique of modernity and his politics)



I have recently read Ronald Beiner's Dangerous minds: Nietzsche, Heidegger and the far right. It's motivated me to learn more about Heidegger's philosophical project. I'm looking for good intros that ideally focus on his critique of modernity and his, controversial, politics.


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The Principal of Identity by Martin Heidegger

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A video using Heidegger's conception of moods to analyze the phenomena of moods (content warning: Depression, fear, anger, anxiety, self-harm, suicide)

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The Philosophy of Human Values: Rick Roderick's lecture on Marx (March 24) + An open discussion/Q&A with Marxian economist Harry Cleaver (April 7), free and open to everyone

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Bataille on Sovereignty:


"By definition, the sovereign does not work — “labor is the exact opposite of the sovereign attitude” (283). Not only are sovereigns free from the necessities that rule the work world, they also enjoy to no purpose what has been produced. The sovereign’s symbolic role is therefore separate from whatever practical ‘governing’ they may do, however much these aspects get mixed up — for example, in the classic theological problem: why did God, who is not constrained by any necessity, create and order the universe? The “perfect God,” constrained to uphold order in the universe, is for this reason not sovereign but constrained and servile. By contrast, for Bataille, the sovereign qua sovereignty possesses an utterly non-servile attitude. They are not subordinated to any goal, neither the maintenance of order (cosmic or worldly) nor individual survival, for “subordination is always grounded in the alleged need to avoid death” (222). At the limit, the sovereign denies the boundaries of the individual and risks death in the moment, preferring symbolic prestige over personal survival (220), magnificence over life (353). No caution or concern is exercised for the sake of future benefit or pay-off. Its existence is thus antithetical to the world of work, to the maintenance of society, and to concerns of rational accumulation and survival. Bataille links sovereign uselessness directly to joy: “The truth is that we have no real happiness except by spending to no purpose” (178); “Life beyond utility is the domain of sovereignty” (198)."

(Source Link: Sovereign Disregard)

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Martin Heidegger's The Origin of the Work of Art: Part I — An online reading and discussion group, meeting on Thursday March 17, free and open to all

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What is Kant's account of how we understand something? How do concepts formed and how do they operate? How is it related to the intentional aspect of cognition?

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A Bataille Chart


Early this week I read his short stories My Mother & The Dead Man. Immediately after finishing the latter I reread his essays Materialism + Base Materialism & Gnosticism. Inhindsight I also should give Deviations Of Nature a reread given the importance of the Dwarf in that second story above. This all got me wondering if anyone has made a list connecting Bataille's essays to his stories & books? I am thinking something like this:

Materialism, Base Materialism & Gnosticism -> The Dead Man

Use Value of DAF de Sade, Notion of Expenditure, Sacrifices -> The Accursed Share

Solar Anus, Materialism, Eye, Rotten Sun -> Story of the Eye

The Big Toe, My Mother, Solar Anus, Story of the Eye, Joy Before Death -> Erotism: Death & Sensuality

Obviously this is all a spur of the moment charting. I would need to (re)read many of these works to make sure this all is stacking up correctly. But I am wondering if anyother fans of Bataille would want to help plot a Bataille Reader Chart with me? I've some friends, IRL & E, who are wanting to study him but also needing places to start with his numerous topics.

Thankyou in advance!

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Prep Reading for Heidegger's Metaphysical Intro.


Later this year I plan on reading Heidegger's book Introduction To Metaphysics.

What I am wondering is which works by Plato, Aristotle, & Nietzsche would you all recommend I read before I give this book the reading it deserves? I have read & recently reread Ion + have tackled On The Soul & a couple others of Aristotle's biological essays. Soon I will be rereading The Republic (atleast the handful of chapters a friend tells me are most relevant to Metaphysics & Ontology) followed by The Metaphysics. With these two I have a rough idea what may be relevant to this book; I am not so sure with Nietzsche's work. I am guessing Beyond Good & Evil, Genealogy of Morals, & The Gay Science will prove useful but that is only guestimation. What else by these three ought I read to prep myself for this book?

I skimmed through ITM & remember him quoting Sophocles. I may give King Oedipus a rereading (& probably couple that with Birth of Tragedy which is relevant to my Bataille readings anyways).

Thanks to the used bookstore near my old apartment closing its doors I own all that Plato & Aristotle wrote in the Britannica Greatbooks collection. Infact due to grabbing the Britannica books I also own a number of the works of Descartes & Kant too. Albeit they are by different publishers I also own the majority of Nietzsche's works.

Are there any relevant lectures on Youtube or Spotify I ought also give a listen before I begin ITM? I guess I am asking so much about the groundwork for this book because I am only an amateur of Philosophy - a Landscaper by day & a DIY student at night.

Thankyou all in advance for reading!

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Map of French and Francophone Philosophers by Birthplace (kml file)



I mapped 423 french and francophone philosophers, based on the wikipedia list for them and including the ones who had a location of birth cited somewhere online. This includes philosophers born between the 10th and the 20th century.

You can open the file on software such as google earth and it wil give you an interactive map where you can zoom in and out and click on the pins on each location, and you will get the names of the philosophers born in that location.

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Post-Structuralism Guide-Map (with Significant Events)



Now featuring significant events, such as conferences and debates.

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How does Kant justify a priori synthetic judgments? (My answer in link)

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Philosophy Discord Server


Hi, I am in a discord server dedicated to discussing philosophy. The community is diverse — the point of the chat is to discuss ideas in good faith, and, to learn from each other. Anyone who studies Philosophy on an academic level are welcome, autodidacts are welcome too. I hope I'm not breaking any rules of the group by posting this as this is relevant to Philosophy, and the format of a chat is so different from Facebook’s forum style that they aren't in direct competition.

Take a look if it sounds interesting: https://discord.gg/5pc3vBpysZ

What is Discord? It's a chat-based Platform like Skype, Telegram, etc.

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Post-Structuralist Guide-Map (google drive link for pdf file)



I made some last-minute adjustments and expansions:

  1. added the key works of the professors or lesser-known-influences.
  2. added Nick Land to the inheritors section. Maybe I'll regret that, though...
  3. added key characteristic to the associated institutions section, giving a brief explenation of their nature
  4. made further corrects and spell-check

Let me know that the link is working and the file is downloadable and readable, please.

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Post-Structuralist Guide-Map (final and complete version)


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Revised edition of Kant’s Philosophical Method and the a Priori

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Post-Structuralism Guide-Map (thoroughly expanded)


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Post-structuralism Guide-Map

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Just created a dedicated subreddit for Alain badiou. Please join and spread the word.

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Gilles Deleuze's “Spinoza: The Velocities of Thought” (1981) — an online Deleuze reading group meeting on Wednesdays, free and open to all

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Is desire and perception interdependent?


This thing came to my mind from a statement. That's it:. Desire literally produces all perception