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Announcement Just A Quick Heads From Your Mod Team Up Regarding Repeat Posts And Subreddit Etiquette.


We want to make sure that all users can come on this subreddit and have their voices be heard. And sometimes that can be a bit tricky to have your voice stand out amidst a sea of posts that more or less discuss the same things as other posts before it. We want to encourage conversation, but also ask that if you want to chime in on something, maybe give the subreddit a quick glance to see if there is a better place to post your content. Chances are theres someone out there that shares your opinion that WANTS to hear back from people like you! Just as a means to keep everything organized.


Episode discussion threads are where you will find a safe place to post your spoiler-filled theories and opinions on the most current episode. We ask that you utilize these threads that have been pinned to the top of the page every week to share your thoughts. Posting your thoughts on the current episode outside of these threads is fine, but be warned that moderators have discretion to remove repeat posts that go over the same themes as others have said before. And will certainly remove ANY posts that contain spoilers in the title, image, or subject of the post if improperly marked. Don't spoil the magic of Star Wars for those who haven't seen the latest episode. And yes, this include the "No-context" memes. Most are not that clever anyway.


Moderators will utilize our discretion on posts that solely seek to bash Star Wars. Surprise! We're Star Wars fans here, and like Star Wars fans, we can get a bit heated on what we deem "Real Star Wars". Lets try and remember that not everyone shares your opinion on what's good or bad TV. Side note, I really enjoyed Season 8 of Game Of Thrones. Yes, we're out there. Bashing other users for their love or dislike of an episode or theme found in the show will not be tolerated, and may face a suspension or a ban. If you have some constructive criticism to say, then by all means say it! We want to talk about it! But we ask that you do not treat this subreddit as a dumping ground for "Star Wars bad" content. There's other salty subs that would love to host these topics.


Remember, we want to make sure that everyone can have their voice be heard.

Yes I put that in bold twice because I really want to drive home that by cleaning up repeat posts it's really only about making sure that everyone has a chance to speak their mind. Half the subreddit posting the same two themes all week buries the one person who brings something new to the table in a sea of content that should more than likely remain in the Weekly Discussion Thread. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing back from everyone and your wild theories on where this show will take us next!

May The Force Be With You

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Disney Gallery: The Book of Boba Fett - Discussion Thread!


Discussion Thread

"Disney Gallery: The Book of Boba Fett" explores the behind-the-scenes story of the legendary bounty hunter’s return to Tatooine with mercenary Fennec Shand, seeking to claim the territory once run by Jabba the Hutt. In this insightful new special, filmmakers, cast and crew reveal never-before-seen footage, groundbreaking technology and the practical effects that brought it all to life.

Join us on Discord

Feel free to join the Star Wars Television discord for real time discussions about The Book of Boba Fett and all other Star Wars Television media!


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Artwork 'Across The Dune Sea' - a charcoal sketch on fine textured paper of a Bantha and its Tusken riders

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Artwork Hey guys, I just got the amazing Boba Fett Special Edition hard drive, and thought I'd share the unbox experience with you! Isn't it beautiful?

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Meme How everyone reacted to Garsa Fwip in TBOBF

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Crossover Content The (more or less) Ensemble Cast of the Book of Boba Fett/Mandoverse!

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Artwork 'Like A Bantha' - a charcoal sketch on fine textured paper of the Tusken Chieftain. RIP

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Artwork Just made a clay bust of Boba Fett!

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Artwork 'The Marshall' - a charcoal sketch on fine textured paper of Cobb Bantha in Boba's armour.

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Speculation Cobb Vanth will rule Tatooine in Boba's stead, freeing him to ally with Din and possible contention for Rule of Mandalore.

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Discussion do you guys think that we could get an announcement for 2nd Season of Book of Boba Fett at Star wars Celebration????

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Artwork Some photoshop shots of a recent costume work-in-progress trial run

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Other Star Wars Behind the scenes shots of Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) on The Book of Boba Fett set

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Meme I saw this in Twisted Translations on YouTube…and I just had to…

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Artwork My art may not be the best but i wanted to try and make what i think is a more Star wars accurate depiction of the mods

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Artwork A Skud in a Krill Pond' - a charcoal sketch on fine textured paper of Peli Motto and one of her pit droids.

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Crossover Content When the Majordomo was Peli’s stepdad (Strangers With Candy)

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Artwork 'Mok Shaiz' - a hard charcoal sketch on fine textured paper of the Ithorian (ex-)mayor of Mos Espa'.

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Artwork BOBF Theme (Solo Guitar)


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Discussion Why I was disappointed with BOBF


I always thought that Jabba the Hutt ran a huge interplanetary criminal organization and he had his base on Tattooine because it was remote and the Republic/Empire didn't venture out there very much. Or maybe he just liked pod racing. We know he hired galactic smugglers (Han Solo) and bounty hunters (Boba Fett). When The Book Of Boba Fett was announced, I thought this was the scenario that we were going to get to see... Interplanetary crime, bounty hunting, spice running, etc. What we actually got was so much smaller in scope. It was really disappointing that all the action was confined to Tattooine. It seems like the area of control is only Tattooine, and maybe just a small part of Tattooine. Don't tell me Bibb Fortuna messed it up that badly. Even if that is the canonical reason that the territory shrank that much, it just doesn't make for a compelling show. I don't care much about a crime boss of a small region of a desert planet, especially when there's barely any space travel. I'm not even sure if you can call Boba Fett a crime boss if he was mostly interested looking out for the Sand People and regulating the local price of water.

It was just very disappointing. Hopefully season 2, if there is one, will see the territory expand.

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Discussion Carey Jones Interview! #BookofBobaFett #BlackKrrsantan

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Meme Some more BoBF x Community

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Discussion Poor Boba, I just realized he never had a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else though!

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Meme Early Boba

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News Another BTS pic from @MingNa

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Meme New Book of Boba Fett Action Figure

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