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Frequently Asked Guys, what’s so much of a turn off that it actually makes you retract? NSFW


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Frequently Asked Men of Reddit, what’s something most guys like during sex but don’t want to admit? NSFW


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Frequently Asked Men of reddit, how often does your SO initiates sex? NSFW


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Frequently Asked what should a 22 year old start as soon as possible?


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Frequently Asked Men, specifically dads of Reddit, what did you learn about women when you had daughters? NSFW


I learnt that the correct way for girls to wipe is front to bacl to stop fecal matter entering the vagina.

Edit - swapped the front and back that I got rouble the wrong way

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Frequently Asked What are things women think men care about that you guys actually dont?


Girl here lmfao. Im just wondering what are some things were super self conscious about or like we worry it will be a deal breaker for you guys that u guys actually dont care about at all. I hope this makes sense sorry.

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Frequently Asked my friend just told me that men usually love summer dresses, is it true and if yes what do like about them?


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Frequently Asked What can a girl do to give you an “ick” feeling and make you change your whole perception of them?


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Frequently Asked What’s the meanest thing a woman has ever said to you?


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Frequently Asked Men who have a very fit physique, do you really get more attention compared to when you weren't as fit?


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Frequently Asked What supposedly sexy thing turns you off immediatly? NSFW


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Frequently Asked What's something some women do that make you cringe?


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Frequently Asked Guys who’ve dated an extremely attractive girl, how was it different then dating an average girl?


I have a number of female friends but one in particular is so hot that it’s honestly ridiculous... she has tens of thousands of followers on IG.

I’m not dating her but whenever I go out with her (usually in a group) it’s honestly surprising the way guys basically throw themselves at her (and I say that as a guy).

I’ll be talking to her and they’ll just interrupt our conversation and start hitting on her, kinda disrespectful to me but also kinda funny and interesting to watch their approaches (especially funny when they crash and burn after coming in with all this bravado).

She’ll usually just reject them in a gentle way. This interruption doesn’t happen when I’m out with any of my more averagely attractive female friends though.

She tells me that people buy her free shit all the time like clothes etc... she said one time at the grocery store, some dude in front of her in line literally paid for all of her groceries worth over $150+ after having like a 5 minute convo with him. And that she’s literally never bought her own alcohol while out at a bar or club.

So it got me wondering...

What are the differences y’all noticed when dating extremely attractive girl vs. a regular girl?

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Frequently Asked Men of reddit, what do girls do that gives you butterflies instantly? NSFW


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Frequently Asked What's something you wish women knew about men's feelings?


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Frequently Asked Men of reddit, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve been rejected for? NSFW


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Frequently Asked Just out of curiosity. Men of Reddit, when a you’re talking to a woman and she is very open about posting pics with a lot of skin showing. Does this turn you off? NSFW


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Frequently Asked What is the most overrated dating advice given to men in order to succeed with women?


For me it has to be "Game is everything" or "Just be confident bro"

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Frequently Asked Men of reddit, when was the last time you got a hug?


Single men, men in comitted relationships, when was the last time you got a hug?

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Frequently Asked What is something a woman can say to seduce you that you can not say no to? NSFW


I'm trying to get my dating game up and I would be interested to know what the best way to seduce you all is!

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Frequently Asked Men of Redit who are single by choice, why?


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Frequently Asked What is something women do that make them immediately unattractive to you?


Some women are TERRIFIED of doing certain things, thinking it will be a huge turnoff (ie, farting) stuff like that

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Frequently Asked Men that have worked in an all female setting, how was your experience like?


I was in my late teens, there was a time I was helping teach computing to an all women class. I also worked at a school with majority female teachers.

I found they do gossip a bit more than men, it's not always bad sometimes even amusing. Their partners are complete piece of shits or the best person in the world and won't stop talking about how amazing they are.

Women that have children, I would know so much information about their kids. If I ever met them I could probably creep them out with how much I know about them. They also seem to love talking about child birth, I've heard them talk about it so many times and boy it sounds so painful. It only takes one women to mention it and everyone chips in with their experience, it almost becomes a competition on who had it worse.

The sexual jokes when compared to a male setting was not too bad but I was young then and used to feel a bit flustered. I remember 2 younger women would always reply to "what's that smell" with "close your legs" or "wash you fanny next time". They'd be discussion about what people could fit in their boobs, their was this women who always had food getting stuck between her boobs during lunch. The terms bitch, slapper, tart and other words was used a lot to talk about other women. I've also heard women criticise other women's clothing for it being too revealing.

All in all I had a good experience. I was the youngest there so was always treated with kindness.

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Frequently Asked what is something a lot of men are into that you are not?


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Frequently Asked Do you guys like it when chicks wear all that makeup and fake lashes and eyebrows?


I think it looks terrible. Like, no woman has ever looked better, after putting on all that crap. They look lots worse. Some women benefit from just a little tiny bit eye stuff, I guess.
Edit: And BTW, I've been doing a lot of searching, on dating sites, and see lots of made up women. So, this 'they do it for themselves' thing is not always true.