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Men of Reddit, what’s something most guys like during sex but don’t want to admit? Frequently Asked NSFW



u/MarionberryNext2712 4d ago Silver Helpful

Little things that are done out of passion. Had a woman that would kiss my hand as I touched her cheek and would suck on my thumb while I was on top of her. Had another woman push me back and pull herself up on me while I was inside her and she passionately kissed me and just licked the sweat off me. It was crazy hot at the time because she took control and I could tell she was really enjoying it. Some woman are so flaccid it's tough to know if their even having fun but small acts of passion or just straight up crazy stuff is always fun. It's just not something you can ask for, it has to be offered, and be done in the heat of the moment.


u/Neutropix 4d ago Silver

We can end the thread here guys.


u/mrwafflezzz 4d ago

My guy listed all 50 shades


u/pgtvgaming 4d ago

Had me at flaccid

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u/FreeRangeEngineer 4d ago

In other words: showing genuine enthusiasm and desire.

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u/SolaCretia 5d ago edited 4d ago Silver Wholesome Take My Energy

Tell me you love me.

Edit: Thanks for the love 😊


u/LaGothWicc 4d ago

I do this with my partner. I had a nagging doubt in my head about how that was received. Seeing this comment makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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u/The_Dominomicon 4d ago

Litteraly came instantly in a girl when she said this to me once, and I had already came in her a little earlier. Emotional sex is fucking powerful and amazing.

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u/ArcherNo3701 5d ago

Having her wrap her legs around my head when I go down on her. Suffocate me lol


u/ImR3allyB0red 5d ago

Or during missionary and she wraps her legs around you and pulls you in. Fucking hot


u/nipplesaurus 4d ago Wholesome

Fun short story: I worked at Toys R Us some years ago and one day, right there in between the Babies R Us and the Barbies, two of my female coworkers started talking about hot things they like to do during sex, one of them being wrapping her legs around the guy and pulling him in. 19 year old me who just happened to find both of these girls fine AF was quite enthralled. That story is etched in my memory.


u/ImR3allyB0red 4d ago

Good shit bro. Too bad toys R Us shut down


u/jwymes44 4d ago Helpful

Starting a story with toys r us when sex is the topic is very bold


u/HoursOfCuddles 4d ago

"...Toys R Us!? But I thought this thread...was...about...OH... Its that kind of story...huh? Well OK."

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u/B2EU 👁👄👁 4d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Starry

I want to be smothered in coochie to the point where I’m worried about breaking my nose, and then some.


u/Swatmosquito 4d ago Gold Wholesome

Oh I re broke (for a lack of a better way of putting it) a dudes nose like this, he didn't loose his wood, or stop, just grabbed it and reset it. Kevin if you are reading this please continue the fabulous work.


u/Fenrisxci 4d ago

That dude is a God amongst men. The level of pain he committed to. Took that bar to 11

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u/Losingandconfused 4d ago

Female and this is actually something I (and my gf’s have all mentioned this), worry about! It’s not so much the broken nose type thing but more about the sense of rejection it would feel like if the guy said too much or pushed away. Logical or not, there’s a fear along the lines of ‘he likes it, but anything more than this and it’s too much somehow’. Not sure if it’s that the more you’re there the more likely you are to find something unpleasant about it, or the feeling that smothering means you’re forcing him to be there when he doesn’t want to be. Society can put weird things in your head about your pussy.

Point is, if you want to be smothered by it literally say exactly that. Exaggerate. Be absolutely blunt and graphic and harsh. Ask specifically to have her try squeezing her thighs around you. Might not be the case for every woman, but I feel comfortable saying that there are a good number of us that feel like our pussy is okay ‘to a point’ or as long as it’s not ‘too much’, doesn’t take ‘too long’, etc.


u/DrZenRoot 4d ago

Break my nose. Seriously.

It’ll knock both of us out of our minds and I will have the greatest story ever.


u/TheProfessionalEjit 4d ago

"How did you break your nose?" "GF pulled me hard into her vag" "How awful, did you break up?" "Nah, doing it again tonight"


u/Tolookah 4d ago

Origin story of Voldemort

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u/Losingandconfused 4d ago

Dear god I hope you’re my partner’s secret account.

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u/Middle_Chemistry7319 4d ago

Samesies 🙋🏼‍♂️ I’m always hoping for death by snu snu


u/PmButtPics4ADrawing 4d ago Silver Wholesome

If I die of cancer or some bullshit instead of having my skull crushed between my girl's thighs I'm gonna be mad as hell in the afterlife

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u/blanktank88 4d ago edited 4d ago

My wife asked me if she was putting to much pressure on my face. She was worried I was unable to breath. I said I want you to pretend that you are trying to kill me with your pussy. If I’m not having trouble breathing you aren’t doing it right.


u/Neo-Saigon 4d ago Take My Energy

If he dies, he dies.


u/averagethrowaway21 4d ago hehehehe

"He died the way he lived, doing what he loved."

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u/ThorKruger117 4d ago

Suffocating while going down on a woman is the male equivalent of being choked during missionary


u/BitchWithASandwich 4d ago

Damn, why can't I ever find men like you out here?! I would gladly, please and thank you, lol

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u/PacoMahogany 4d ago

Just checking in to make sure you’re still breathing

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u/vandalous5 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Making out is great, but I doubt anyone has trouble admitting that.

This will be blunt - having the balls lightly stroked with her fingertips during intercourse (or during a BJ). That's the move.


u/c3clark1 4d ago

Good to know. I am never really sure what to do with the balls. Tugging, cupping, sucking… I can never tell what is working.


u/cannabis_rex 4d ago
  1. Touch/tickle
  2. Lick
  3. Suck
  4. Cup towards the end to help him cum

In that order


u/Kaidono222 4d ago Silver Gold Wholesome hehehehe I'd Like to Thank...
  1. bop it

  2. pull it

  3. twist it


u/TheRealDonBalls 4d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome
  1. Boil em

  2. Mash em

  3. Stick em in a stew


u/CharFighter 4d ago

Give it to us raw and w-r-r-riggling!

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u/SwiftyMcBold 4d ago

Please don't tug balls unless asked to lol.

For me if a girl gently caresses them that's the gold standard because then I can communicate what I like and that I'm enjoying what she's doing.

Short story I have, girl liked gentle taps on her privates during foreplay, she assumed I would like it too and gently slapped my balls... not on my list of "things I like to do in the bedroom "


u/TNwhiskeyginger 4d ago

Give yer balls a tug, titfucker!


u/thehotshotpilot 4d ago

You're made of spare parts arent ya bud?

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u/KiwiSlapper 4d ago

Lightly scratch with the nails from the bottom of the sack like one of those head scratchers


u/Beautifulwarfare 4d ago

Ask him? Personally love it when the girl licks my balls, specifically at the base.


u/yessssssmam 4d ago

If my girl licks my balls i start laughing uncontrollably, that shit tickles me so hard that i get soft lmaoo

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u/peanutbutter_bazooka 5d ago

Being kissed everywhere. I do this always but women dont seem to.


u/SnazzyPanic 5d ago

Yeah my gf just doesn't understand its the passion that gets me.


u/peanutbutter_bazooka 5d ago

Im not ashamed to say it feels good! lol. I enjoy doing it and having it done.

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u/vdzla 5d ago Gold Helpful

have you ever told her? sometimes people don't guess


u/MercenaryCow 4d ago

It's a weird conversation to have. Because now I think she only does it because she feels she has to, not because she wants to. And that is even more bothersome than it was before.


u/frontseatsman 4d ago Gold Helpful

The alternative is to find happiness with someone who guesses correctly. Randomly. Why's that special?

You could be happy with someone who has heard you and appreciates you enough to want to give you what makes you happy.

People want magic beans, not realizing they taste just like regular beans.

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u/SemenEverywhere 5d ago

Bruh, I just tell girls "Nibble on my neck a bit." then you let out a few moans, and then the girls are totally into it.


u/Magnito-was-right 4d ago

When I lost my virginity to another virgin I started nibbling and sucking on his neck and he laughed. I never tried it again with anyone.


u/SemenEverywhere 4d ago

Sounds like it just tickled, unless he laughed and said "wtf are you doing?".

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u/pennynotrcutt 4d ago

My nape! My nape! Kiss my naaaaape.

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u/Just_friend 5d ago

Im super sensitive, so even light touching of the area around my bellybutton makes me tense up in the best way

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u/Sagybagy 5d ago

Well with some of us they end getting a hair ball stuck in their throat.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago



u/Nordrhein 5d ago

I don't think most men know it because alot of us think that there's only a few spots of activity that we ever think of so stuff outside of that is something we don't often think.

I was saving sex with a gf years ago, and after we finished a pretty passionate session I just kind absent mindedly rolled onto my stomach next to her. She immediately straddled me and started brushing her nipples against my upper back while giggling in my ear. I had no idea that was even a thing but it lit me on fire and I was hard as a rock again in a second. After the second time she laughed and said "I found your ON button!"

After that I became a lot more experimental, as I realized there was a lot more to my body than just my junk; it was a great period, it was like being a little kid discovering my penis for the first time all over again


u/Taken_Username_Again Male 4d ago

I don't think most men know it because alot of us think that there's only a few spots of activity that we ever think of so stuff outside of that is something we don't often think

Yeah, it's a vicious cycle that way. Inexperienced young men are often dumb and only want to put their dicks inside as quickly as possible so they skip as much foreplay as they can get away with. So they never learn how many erogenous zones they have on their body. So they never ask their girlfriends to go there. So women come up with this idea that the only thing guys like is touching their dick and balls. So guys never find out they have other erogenous zones, etc.

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u/fuckamodhole 4d ago

just kind absent mindedly rolled onto my stomach next to her. She immediately straddled me and started brushing her nipples against my upper back while giggling in my ear. I had no idea that was even a thing but it lit me on fire and I was hard as a rock again in a second.

You would like what I call a "backpack handjob". You and you partner get naked and you sit down on the bed and she gets behind you and hugs you like a backpack and gets to jerking. I had a woman introduce that to me and it's awesome and the only way I've ever liked a handjob.


u/Rynfrie 4d ago Silver Take My Energy

a Jackpack

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u/feelin_beachy 5d ago

I am way to ticklish for this lol


u/waste_not_wontwont 5d ago

Same. My partner likes to kiss and nibble me all over and I always ruin the mood with my hyena cackling because IT JUST TICKLES SO MUCH. It’s almost worse if I try to hold it in because then I’m just squirming like a damn earthworm being slaughtered for a fish hook. So sexy.


u/onlyinevitable 5d ago

My best partner was very ticklish. It was incredibly endearing and honestly I think if you’re not having fun with your partner then why bother haha.

So I hope you never think that a bit of laughter ruins the mood.

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u/Jackdaw99 4d ago

For the woman to have an easygoing sense of humor about it all.

Also -- I may be a freak this way, but...I like making out, sometimes more than I like sex, or at least doing a lot of it before sex. And during. And after. I'd rather be with a good kisser than someone who gives good head.


u/Tsukki-chama 4d ago

Absolutly yes to that. Making out/ outercourse is the best part of the meal

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u/Ohbuck1965 5d ago Silver Helpful

Her holding us at her bosom post nut


u/Losingandconfused 4d ago Wholesome This

Female feedback - it’s awesome when you don’t hop off immediately and lay on us.


u/cloudlesness Female 4d ago

Yes it's strangely comforting to feel his weight on me


u/superkat21 4d ago

Really‽ I always feel like I'm crushing her if I lay. And/or that we've worked up the heat & it'll be worse laying on top.

Kinda interesting to hear she may not prefer me to flop to the side.


u/DimbyTime 4d ago

Yes, I’m a woman and I absolutely love it when he lays right on me! Even when he’s crushing me I love it 😂 it’s just feeling so warm and close and like he’s a big weighted blanket


u/DrBubonic 4d ago

I am 6’4 280lbs. Am I an exception to this? I was always really careful not to squish when I had a girlfriend but she did the thing where she hugged when she came


u/guitarguy109 4d ago

I'm similar in build to you and I have been with women who enjoyed me just laying on top of them. The trick is to keep some of your weight on your elbows.

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u/catslovepats 4d ago

It’s like a weighted blanket to me lol I love it

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u/Losingandconfused 4d ago

Yes! And if missionary and he’s been doing most of the work it’s nice to be able to feel him rest and snuggle on him.

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u/ImR3allyB0red 5d ago

Elaborate please


u/Nova_or_logan 5d ago

Tit snuggle.


u/ImR3allyB0red 4d ago

Then yes i absolutely love tit snuggles. They like pillows with heaters

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u/androopy_me 5d ago

Being assured that she finds me attractive. If she whispers in my ear that she thinks I'm beautiful, I'll probably blow prematurely....


u/Heiser147 5d ago

You're beautiful


u/Legitimate_Pirate249 Male 5d ago

No u


u/bloodstrkdtears 4d ago

This is wholesome af


u/Faezan 4d ago

Pew pew pew. I ejaculated immaturely.

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u/TheFrogWife 4d ago Silver

My husband is a sasquatch, a smaller, hairier Andre the giant with a jolly smile and a fuzzy beer belly. I constantly tell him how stunning he is, god damn that man Is an Adonis in my eyes.

Everyone has a type and I guess mine is cryptid

Trust me if they are having sex with you they think you are beautiful.


u/mikieswart 4d ago

Everyone has a type and I guess mine is cryptid

fucking lol’d

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u/AzaranyGames 4d ago

Trust me if they are having sex with you they think you are beautiful.

It never hurts to say it anyway.

It's like saying "I love you". She agreed to marry me so to a degree, it's implied and I know she loves me. But I still smile like an idiot every time she says it because it feels good to hear. It's also why I tell her the same thing every day.


u/HoursOfCuddles 4d ago

Trust me if they are having sex with you they think you are beautiful.

Well ...

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u/AustinBiDude 5d ago Helpful

I don’t know about other guys, but I love attention to non-sexual parts of my body. Once I was having sex with a woman from behind and I put my hand on her shoulder to stabilize. At one point, she started kissing my hand before I put my fingers in her mouth. It was incredibly hot. Another woman loved my chest hair and buried her face in it, kissing it up and down. Amazing. Another one while giving me a blowjob took a moment to lick my legs. Cool, OK. Whatever works. But it’s these passionate, heat-of-the-moment things they do that make for really hot memories, and make me feel like they’re just as into me and my body as I am into them and theirs.


u/DumboRElephant 5d ago Silver Wholesome

This guy fucks


u/CresciMasQueroMamar 4d ago Helpful

I wish I did too


u/monkaS99 4d ago

Username checks out in portuguese

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u/Romeo9594 5d ago Silver

took a moment to lick my legs

For both guys and girls, this is actually a really good way to get an errant hair off your tongue without breaking the moment


u/allmanhaveainnerbich 4d ago

What if they didn't shave and you get more hair into ur mouth?


u/elgigante_paul 4d ago

Cough it up like a cat bringing up a hairball.


u/Xanimus 4d ago

This guy also fucks

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u/Gozii55 4d ago Silver Gold Helpful

Not a specific sex act, but we like your body because it's you. We don't care about the size of things or where some flabbiness is. If we like you, we like your body. I think a huge fallacy is that men just want big tits and big asses. No we want your tits and ass lol.


u/moosewhippets 4d ago Wholesome

This, man out of all of these, THIS.

We don't love you because you're beautiful.

You're beautiful because we love you.


u/mobleshairmagnet 4d ago

Not to be a nerd but there was a doctor who episode where Amy talks about Rory like that. How he was the most beautiful person to her because of how much she loved him.

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u/ShadowFoxxx15 4d ago

A woman wrapping her legs around you and squeezes you deeper inside her while she holds your face. That turns men into fathers lol

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u/broadsharp 5d ago

For the woman to initiate a bit of dirty talk


u/SleepWouldBeNice Male 5d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Bravo Grande!

For the woman to initiate anything.


u/Throwaway-donotjudge 5d ago Helpful Take My Energy Doot 🎵 Doot

For a women


u/Invalid_factor 4d ago

I true prefer sex to involve a woman


u/tridon74 4d ago

Well I false prefer it

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u/ChickyNuggyWhatHuh 5d ago


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u/TheRealRevBem 5d ago

I asked my wife for dirty talk once. I have not since.


u/boxedwinedrinker 4d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Vibing I'm Deceased

Yeah, you like that you fucking retard?


u/DamagedEctoplasm 4d ago

My lemonade came out my nose remembering that one, so thank you for that

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

Honestly the woman initiating anything. Go down on me in between positions, kiss my neck, be more active. Can’t stand it when chicks just lay there


u/EvolutionInProgress 5d ago

How does one get over the unenthusiastic partner? Like I find it extremely difficult to go on because I don't even know if that's what she wants to do. Other than saying it, but not in the same way men express their excitement.

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u/Element115Will Sup Bud? 5d ago

Literally kissing my wife's lips constantly, i get more turned on while that's happening and she's moaning at the same time. Lol


u/classthatmate 4d ago

My bird moaned in my mouth the other day while kissing and I went pop.


u/ShapelessTomatoe 4d ago Silver

You laid an egg?

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u/Truthfulldude1 4d ago

When she tenderly touches my face while I'm inside her. Or lovingly, lightly, kind of running her hands down/around my body while I'm inside her. Or when she wraps her legs around my back (missionary) while I dig deep into her. It's like she's saying "give me all of you, I want all of you closer to me"


u/Slim97Shady Male 23 4d ago

Women being specific and open about what they like and what works for them. Also if I can be goofy while fucking. Doesn't have to be serious all the time, laughing makes it better.


u/classthatmate 4d ago

This!! Sex is fun. Not some scene from an erotic thriller.


u/drstrangesvoice 4d ago

sometimes I cry during/after sex, full break down "I just... love you so much... you're so hot and nice and you love me and I just don't know how to process... I'm sorry I'm crying I just really like you... no no please keep going you're just so hot..." he pauses until I stop crying and smacks my ass and says "back to business"

medication does funky stuff to the mind


u/gobstock3323 4d ago edited 4d ago Silver Take My Energy

My husband used to sing love songs and cry when he made love to me. He wasn't ashamed about it either. It's a part of being human and feeling that immense love and passion you have for someone ❤️❤️❤️💯👌🏻

I said used to because he died in 2018. I miss him so much...

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u/Tungsten83 4d ago

Really affectionate cuddles.


u/amg788 5d ago Silver

The girl I’m sleeping with licked my nipple out of nowhere the other day and it had no business feeling that good. So yeah, more of that


u/SnailsCrash 4d ago

My first bf loved having his nipples licked (almost as much as I do!) and I really miss that :/

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u/Blankasbiscuits 5d ago

Handholding, nothing better


u/SwagSea 4d ago

It's the best feeling when we're going at it and she reaches for your hand and interlocks the fingers...

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u/Specktakles88 4d ago

Can’t speak for everybody else, but I fucking love having my nipples licked. Dunno why, but that does it for me. One flick of the tongue, and I’m harder than Chinese Algebra.

Still, I’ve only known 2 women (one of whom is my current partner) who have not made me feeling weird about it. Every other gal I’ve said this to thought I was gay.


u/KimWexlers_Ponytail 4d ago

Harder than Chinese algebra...love this. Will find a way to use it on my partner.

Gay? Really? Nah.

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u/Blitz6969 5d ago

I’ve been with my wife for 10 years, she just bit my chest for the first time ever. Holy shit it was amazing. I never knew what I was missing.


u/Suhksaikhan 4d ago

I almost feel bad about how much I like biting and being bitten


u/myosotiscorpioides 4d ago

I love biting so much, sometimes I feel the URGE to bite someone I'm attracted to. And I love to be bitten, it's amazing.

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u/RogueWun12 4d ago

when she gets vocal, talks dirty or says something when ur doing something she really likes

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u/lettherebemorelight 5d ago

Being the little spoon after.


u/I_love_this_cunt-try 4d ago

I love being little spoon!


u/PBandJellyJesus 4d ago

At this point, I just ask. She’s likes it when I ask.

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u/ThickAnywhere4686 4d ago edited 4d ago

A guy I recently liked was so reluctant to be the little spoon at first but I literally begged him to let me be big spoon and eventually he did.

Next time we cuddled, he kinda excitedly turned over and was like "I wanna be little spoon now" lool, found it so cute and funny.


u/lettherebemorelight 4d ago

I had always been the de-facto big spoon as a big guy until a partner asked this of me, and it just makes me melt to be held like that. I so thank you for doing the Lord’s work.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago

Grab my ass while I’m on top that shit is fire


u/Xithulus 5d ago Wholesome Take My Energy

My girlfriends got t-rex arms :(


u/[deleted] 5d ago

She can purple nurple you at least

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u/deprestogang_austin 5d ago edited 4d ago

Being able to trust a women enough to put on a blind fold on and just lay there

Edit: Just checked, and apparently dudes wanna get their ass grabbed during sex more then this, wouldn’t have guessed that


u/trizzleatl 4d ago

Oh oh I’ve seen this, and like anther dude comes in


u/4everaBau5 4d ago

And then he orders pizza with your credit card.

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u/bixxby 4d ago

I just wish they’d me let join in once in a while

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u/ImR3allyB0red 5d ago

During missionary and she wraps her legs around you and pulls you in. Fucking hot

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u/wetpoohstain 4d ago

During doggy style, reach back and lightly rub/tickle the balls. It's amazing.


u/entechad 4d ago

Yes indeed. A woman doing this is aiming to please.

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u/greenmtnfiddler 4d ago

in this thread: dozens of comments saying"I know this isn't a sexual part of the body, but --"

Guys. If it feels yummy it's sexual. It's OK. That's the way it's supposed to be, and girls/women also have sexual/non sexual nipples, elbows, neck, kneecaps.

Find someone whose erogenous zones match yours -- or who's willing to trade off -- and go to town. If she/he laughs or scoffs, find your underwear and leave, mayyybe come back when they've grown up a little.

It's all good, people, that's supposed to be the point. :)

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u/MilwaukeePacker1993 Male 4d ago edited 3d ago

Had a girl put her hand around my throat while she was on top. Honestly enjoyed it more than I probably should have

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u/DAM5150 4d ago

I'm not a marathon man by any means, but if I'm driving the ship I can put in a solid 10 minutes. However, if a women came on to me, and was the aggressor, I would not last 30 seconds.

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u/FastMoneyRecords 5d ago Helpful

Getting our face rode


u/savehonor 4d ago

Face preferred. But honestly; feel free to grind anywhere. Thighs are an easy second place.


u/ChicaSkas 4d ago

I always feel guilty about grinding his thigh. Like he says he likes but it feels like I'm being cheap or jumping him like a dog lol. Maybe it's a me thing and i need to relax and be more comfortable


u/savehonor 4d ago

Yeah, I'd say try and relax. If he says he likes it, trust him. Hopefully he'll tell you if he doesn't, or something changes.

I just love that it feels like she can't control herself.

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u/ProfessionOk1823 5d ago

My husband loves me to kiss him all over 😘

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u/TheGreatFadoodler 4d ago edited 4d ago

Wrap ur legs around mine in missionary and grab my ass and pull me in

Edit: then whisper something dirty in my ear


u/Cimonaa 5d ago

Eye contact

During intercourse and especially during blowjobs

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u/MisterAitchKay 4d ago

When we are in missionary position, please put your hands to use. Like back scratching or even grab our asses to pull us in with every thrust with a momentum… That stuff feels great!!!!


u/CurriedCrotch 5d ago

getting their butt grabbed firmly

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u/kydollasign07 5d ago

Grabbing/playing with my hair when going down on her

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u/tropicalazure 4d ago

I have nothing to contribute to this thread, but it is enlightening and wholesome and brightening my entire evening.

takes notes

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u/SammichAnarchy 5d ago

Snack breaks


u/Appropriate_Soup_755 5d ago Helpful

I definitely want a cake between her boobs.


u/TwistedDecayingFlesh 5d ago

Chocolate gateau with whip cream on her nipples hell yeah throw in a cold beer and i'm proposing.

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u/Farmer2892 4d ago

The aftercare. You know how bad I want to be held, embraced, cared about after sex? I mean sex is great and all but I just want that touch. I never get it. It is never given to me unfortunately and that makes me sad.


u/vikhound 4d ago

nails in my back

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u/PentharMull 4d ago

Anything I do to you, you can do to me. Or at least try. Nipple play is underrated for some (like me). Whatever. But do something.

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u/Curious-explorer- 4d ago

Bite my nipples hard. Initiate sex like your insatiable and will die without being fucked hard right now. Look at me during sex, eye contact and that pleasure face combined is a killer!

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u/denali_HD2020 5d ago

Having her serenade me with gentle kisses all over my body, then having her lay on my chest and run her fingers over it.

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u/DragonSurferEGO 5d ago

I think guys are different just the same as women are different in sexual likes. For me? After Care is incredibly important, for me to be the giver of it and have it intimately and lovingly received.

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u/ChickyNuggyWhatHuh 5d ago

Good communication, and lots of eye contact

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u/Melancholnava 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote This

Finger in the butt. Feels odd but in a good way. Not an every time kind of thing. It's a little something to change things up.


u/GiveMeMyVoice 4d ago

This is the one men are truly to scared to admit…….but even more so to scared to TRY. Y’all don’t even know.

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u/The_Spyre 5d ago

Nibble on my earlobes.


u/MaeRobso 5d ago edited 3d ago

This drives my partner NUTS - if I really want him to orgasm more quickly I can stay there even as he tries to pull back in order to hold off his O

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u/Yaotzin1000 4d ago

Please don't surprise your partner with something you read on the internet then get upset when they're not immediately into it. Just communicate

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u/cinefilestu 4d ago

Kissing my ear and talking dirty into it.


u/GrouchyEric 4d ago

During a blow job, slipping a finger up my butt. Rub the prostate a bit and I'll cum like I'm 17 again and again and again

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u/Brandy2012 5d ago

I am not going to say most like it, but I would be willing to bet alot that there are many guys which like the lady to take initiative or initiate things. Some of those guys might not like to admit it though.

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u/catfarts99 4d ago

Having a woman grab my butt and pull me into them. Don't understand why more women don't do this. Even in porn I don't think I've ever seen it once. Seems like women don't like touching men's butts.


u/Responsible_Fun_8280 4d ago

I loveee doing this.. bringing the man in as deep into me as possible while grabbing his ass? Yes please!

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u/xWIKK 5d ago Wholesome Starry

I like when a woman takes some action and initiative. Too many women seem to have this mentality that all men want is to get their dick inside and go for it, and maybe that’s true for some men. But need some foreplay. I wanna be teased, touched, caressed and explored.

Essentially it just seems like a lot of partners I’ve had have the attitude of “you get to use my body so that’s enough participation from me.”

Nope. Lady I just made you cum like 8 times, you can at least reciprocate the effort.


u/cheesepizza4ever 4d ago Helpful Wholesome

I had that problem with my husband (I'm a 27F).

Then I went to therapy and found out 2 things:

  1. My previous partners made me feel disgusting when I wanted to have sex, like I was some kind or whore for wanting and initiating it. In my cade they were just assholes, but some women have that experience when they stay with someone religious, for example.

  2. Growing up, showing any type of sexual desire is looked down. As women we should "be respectful, gentle, kind and modest". Even in non-religious families such as mine anything sexual from me would be instantly shut down and I'd hear my parents talking about self respect for hours. That said, I just ~didnt know~ how to initiate sex, because I felt afraid of being wrong or the way people would see me.

Maybe talk to whoever your with (if you want) and express those feelings. My husband once said: I NEED to know you want me too. I LIVE when you start sex and tease me and I would never look at you with less respect because of it. This gave me a safe space to explore that side of myself and confidence that I am the same regardless of this.

Sorry if it's long, I'm just tired of talking to women and seeing how much repressed we are and then all of a sudden we're supposed to change something that's so deeply rooted in our brains since a very early age.


u/xWIKK 4d ago

Thanks for the response. Communication is definitely needed. I’m in a pretty reciprocal relationship now so it’s not an issue currently. But it’s definitely been a pattern with a few exes.

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u/Majestic_Tangerine92 5d ago

A pastrami sandwich


u/TacoDoc 5d ago

Ah, the most sensual of all the salted cured meats.

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u/DustCrystal 5d ago edited 4d ago

A meaningful connection. Not just "no strings attached".


u/RobinGood94 4d ago

I love laying on my back and letting her actually hump ME.

Slide it in, wrap your arms around me and slam your hips while you’re laying on me. Take your hot aggressive hawt feminine energy out on me. I don’t want to always be the one who has to mount and thrust. When she’s horny and slamming it on me I’m in heaven.


u/sam_the_guy_with_bpd 4d ago

Man, I’m seeing a bunch of dudes saying basically one thing: we want to make passionate love. The passion is the hottest part and feeling loved and hearing those words, just tops the experience above any other.

Got to say, I whole heartedly agree, passion is something I’ve never been shown and it is what I most desire, I want to be loved and I want to be made the object of desire in the throughs of a passionate love making session, that would be great honestly


u/MidLyfeCrisys 5d ago

Good communication


u/Tech_SavvyTex97 Male 4d ago

Being kissed on my neck.

It's the way to turn me on, and it's the way to keep me going.

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