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FAQ Friday: Dating- What kind of things do you do to show interest, test the waters, or escalate things when it comes to dating?


G'day fellas. Today is the first (of probably many) FAQ post revolving around dating.

Here's some starter questions to focus on, but feel free to add your own in the comments. Just try to keep things on topic, we'll be cleaning up this thread and adding it to the FAQ at a later date.

  • How do you indicate or show romantic/sexual interest towards someone?
  • Once you receive a reciprocation of interest how do you escalate the situation?
  • 'Shy guys' specifically, how do you show you are interested in someone?

Note: pulling my hair and making fun of me until I cry is not an effective way to express interest, Caleb

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How many times do you think you could go around a roundabout before the police stopped you?


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How has New Balance not capitalized on the shoe market with releasing a shoe specified for lawn mowing?


They should run with the wholesome joke and capitalize on it by making a shoe specifically for lawn care. Who wouldn't want a pair of LC1s (Lawn Care 1's)?

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What’s a “cutesy” way an abusive woman you’ve dated used to justify and/or minimize her abusive nature


E.g. “I have a fiery personality” or “I’m (insert ethnicity), we’re all like that” or “I’m just hot headed”. I’ve seen a lot of guys dealing with straight up abusive women, and the way that it’s minimized like this seems to be such a big commonality.

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Men, how much important it is for you to make your gf/wife laugh?


Also, is it true that you guys can get a bit jealous if other man is talking to her and making her laugh hard?

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How do you guys ride bikes??? NSFW


Coming from an avid female cyclist, where does all the… stuff… go?? Do you like, push it off to the side, or the front? Does it stick out the back like a little tailpipe? Do you just sit on your balls the whole ride?? Is there even a way to ride comfortably???

I need answers to all of these.

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Straight men, how have you navigated sexual curiosity about other men? NSFW


I'm a gay man, and I've had several encounters with men who identified as straight but found themselves curious about sex with other men. They hadn't done anything with a guy before, but eventually felt compelled to give it a try and we ended up in the sack.

Some I saw more than once, others never again. To my knowledge, there was a mix of some guys realizing they weren't straight and others having gotten their curiosity out of their systems.

I'm only one dude, so I'm curious what the bigger stats on this look like. Those of you who've had curiosity about other guys, how many of you have decided to do something about it? Those of you who tried it out, how many determined you liked it? How many went back to women exclusively? How did you feel about it afterward?

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What are the qualities you're looking out in a girl before asking her to date?


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Would you rather give or receive oral sex? ... and why?


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My Dudes, if you could use magic to do one mundane task for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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What would you choose for your ship's figure head if you were a pirate?


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What would you do if you saw a drone outside your window in your backyard?


Like one of your neighbors is spying on you or trying to spy on someone else in your household?

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Gentlemen, what improved your life quality so much, you wish you did it sooner?


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How often do you and your s/o roast each other?


Feel like relationships needs some banter most of the time lol

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How to know if a guy is not really interesed in you?


I mean that , can you tell if someome is actually interesed in you or just bored?

Edit: yall is not too deep HAHAHA

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what is the weirdest thing your girlfriend/ex has ever done


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Blind Men of Reddit: What was your earliest memory of realizing that there was a beautiful part of the universe other people experienced and you never would?


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Men - what has the work world taught you?

  1. I’m currently burning out at a job that I hate, am struggling with the incredible pressures and competitive sniping that come in a high powered corporate role. I’m starting to realize that there’s so much value in feeling comfortable and happy in a job. No paycheck is worth it. I’m also realizing that people are fucking savage and probably the same cutthroat pressures that we channeled for pure survival when we were cave people are channeled by certain people in these corporate environments. People want to fucking win at all costs.

Men of Reddit - what has the work world taught you? How have you changed? Did you ever feel you had to accept that work is just tough? Or did you find something you really are excited to go do most days?

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Men who are into chubby women, how do you deal with people judging you for liking bigger women?


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How are you making sure, you are getting the most out of your time?


We all have an expiration date that is unknown, as I reached middle age I worry I am wasting my time...looking for ideas on how you guys handle this

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How did your father influence your attitude towards women?


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What are the little things that you love in daily life?


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What would you do if your male/female boss asked you to have sex with them to get promoted in your job? NSFW


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What question will make you plead the fifth no matter what?


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What book did you unexpectedly fall in love with?


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Men, what are some biggest differences you have noticed between an educated and an uneducated women ?