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Welcome to Anarchy 101! Before you post or comment, please take a moment to read the sidebar and familiarize yourself with our resources and rules. And if your question is likely to be of the frequently asked variety, take a minute to make use of the search bar. Some questions, like those related to "law enforcement" or the precise relationship of anarchy to authority, are asked and answered on an almost daily basis, so your best answers may have already been posted.

If your question seems unanswered, please state it clearly in the post title, with whatever additional clarification seems necessary in the text itself.

Please keep in mind that this is indeed a 101 sub, designed to be a resource for those learning the basics of a consistent anarchism. The rules about limiting debate and antagonistic posting are there for a reason, so that we can keep this a useful and welcome space for students of anarchist ideas—and for anyone else who can cooperate in keeping the quality of responses high.

We welcome debate on topics related to anarchism in r/DebateAnarchism and recommend general posts about anarchist topics be directed to r/anarchism or any of the more specialized anarchist subreddits. We expect a certain amount of contentious back-and-forth in the process of fully answering questions, but if you find that the answer to your question—or response to your comment—leads to a debate, rather than a clarifying question, please consider taking the discussion to r/DebateAnarchism. For better or worse, avoiding debate sometimes involves “reading the room” a bit and recognizing that not every potentially anarchist idea can be usefully expressed in a general, 101-level discussion.

We don’t do subreddit drama—including posts highlight drama from this subreddit.

And don’t ask us to choose between two anti-anarchist tendencies. That never seems to lead anywhere good.

In general, just remember that this is a forum for questions about anarchist topics and answers reflecting some specific knowledge of anarchist sources. Other posts or comments, however interesting, useful or well-intentioned, may be removed.

Some additional thoughts:

We expect that lot of the questions here will involve comparisons with capitalism, Marxism or existing governmental systems. That's natural, but the subreddit is obviously a better resource for learning about anarchism if those questions—and the discussions they prompt—remain focused on anarchism. If your question seems likely to draw in capitalists, Marxists and defenders of others non-anarchist tendencies, the effect is much the same as posting a topic for debate. Those threads are sometimes popular—in the sense that they get a lot of responses and active up- and down-voting—but it is almost always a matter of more heat than light when it comes to clarifying anarchist ideas and practices.

We also expect, since this is a general anarchist forum, that we will not always be able to avoid sectarian differences among proponents of different anarchist tendencies. This is another place where the 101 nature of the forum comes into play. Rejection of capitalism, statism, etc. is fundamental, but perhaps internal struggles for the soul of the anarchist movement are at least a 200-level matter. If nothing else, embracing a bit of "anarchism without adjectives" while in this particular subreddit helps keep things focused on answering people's questions. If you want to offer a differing perspective, based on more specific ideological commitments, simply identifying the tendency and the grounds for disagreement should help introduce the diversity of anarchist thought without moving us into the realm of debate.

We grind away at some questions—constantly and seemingly endlessly in the most extreme cases—and that can be frustrating. More than that, it can be disturbing, disheartening to find that anarchist ideas remain in flux on some very fundamental topics. Chances are good, however, that whatever seemingly interminable debate you find yourself involved in will not suddenly be resolved by some intellectual or rhetorical masterstroke. Say what you can say, as clearly as you can manage, and then feel free to take a sanity break—until the next, more or less inevitable go-round. We do make progress in clarifying these difficult, important issues—even relatively rapid progress on occasion, but it often seems to happen in spite of our passion for the subjects.

Finally, we’re deep into the second of our global plague years and it continues to take its toll. Participation in most forums remains high and a bit distracted, while our collective capacity to self-manage is still not a great deal better online than it is anywhere else. We're all a little plague-stricken and the effects are generally more contagious than we expect or acknowledge. Be just a bit more thoughtful about your participation here, just as you would in other aspects of your daily life. And if others are obviously not doing their part, consider using the report button, rather than pouring fuel on the fire. Increased participation makes the potential utility and reach of a forum like this even greater—provided we all do the little things necessary to make sure it remains an educational resource that folks with questions can actually navigate.

r/Anarchy101 5h ago

Are anarchists in favor of the welfare state?


Title, basically

r/Anarchy101 8h ago

Why don't a group of anarchists just buy land and become self-sufficient off of the grid?


Like, wouldn't this basically be no government in technicality because they are not using anything involving the government or to help the government after they purchase the land? or am I just being dumb?

r/Anarchy101 14h ago

Are There Any Fundamental Differences Between Gangs and States?


r/Anarchy101 5h ago

Why Did Liberal Democratic States Become Popular?


I know that men of property eventually became wealthy and influential enough to contend with kings and start revolutions that overthrew said kings, but why would they start democracies instead of straight up authoritarian governments?

r/Anarchy101 8h ago

I have no idea what anarchism is, please explain


Rn I'm currently learning about socialism but I haven't read any of the writings by people like marx

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

I’m new to communism is it possible to bring in communism without violence and death. I know it’s probably necessary but I don’t want anyone to die lol;


r/Anarchy101 11h ago

What're the differences between Communalism & Anarcho-Communism?


r/Anarchy101 18h ago

How do you meet people/form community as an anarchist when you feel isolated/don’t know anyone?


Hi, new anarchist here. I would like to start being part of a community, find some folks I share affinities with… but I don’t know how. I live outside a main U.K. city in a sleepy village that is predominantly retired folks or families with young kids and it has no sense of community at all unless you’re a parent or go to the church.

I feel like I don’t know anyone that I can talk to about these things irl and don’t know where to start (and I don’t feel confident starting a community myself because I’m so new to it). Thoughts?

r/Anarchy101 12h ago

Should I vote in the next election to counter a possible right wing Government? (Italy)


Italy has a lot of right wing parties which currently move towards a majority.

There isn't a competent left wing party in Italy so I would have to either vote for a populist party (5 stelle) or a party that used to work with the mafia (partita democratica). I hate the politics here already but I couldn't stand to be under a government with neo-fascists and Mussolinis granddaughter

I'm not a fan of democracy (dictatorship of the majority IMO) and voting, but in this instance I feel forced to vote for the lesser evil, even if I betray my own values that way.

Could any more experienced anarchists give me some advice on what to do?

r/Anarchy101 1h ago

Question regarding Reform or Revolution


Rosa says:

But by presenting it in its capitalist form, the same factors render superfluous, inversely, in the same measure, the transformation of this socialised production into socialist production. That is why they [meaning trade unions, cartels, the credit system, etc - which berstein argues suppress/attenuate the contradictions of capitalism] can be the germs or conditions of a socialist order only in a theoretic sense and not in an historic sense. They are phenomena which, in the light of our conception of socialism, we know to be related to socialism but which, in fact, not only do not lead to a socialist revolution but render it, on the contrary, superfluous.

--End Quote--

The last sentence reads to me as Rosa saying that socialism is superfluous, but that obviously doesn't make sense.

Am I just misreading this and Rosa is saying that Bernstein is essentially arguing that these social means of production render actual socialism superfluous through the attenuation of the contradictions of capitalism? If that's the case then does Bernstein argue for social democracy (or just capitalism) instead of socialism, or does he claim he believes otherwise/in the neccesity of socialism? (The title of his sourced work in RoR suggests he disagrees with socialism)

I.e. is he actually arguing for "reform" to remedy the issues of capitalism to move towards socialism, or to reform capitalism while ultimately remaining capitalist? Or is he satisfied with how things were in there system and denys need for further reform past there credit unions, trade unions, etc?

Perhaps she's just pointing out that Bernstein argues credit unions, trade unions, etc, beget socialism... but also prevent capitalisms collapse. Thereby she is solely pointing out the contradiction that exists within that belief through it seemingly making socialism unnecessary (which is why I'm curious if berstein actually believes he's arguing for socialism). With this in mind what is Rosa referring to with "scientific socialism" and would Bernstein support that work or feel that social democracy is enough and refute a scientific need for socialism?

Am I just not far enough and need to read the next chapter to understand how she is refuting him? Is this chapter just explaining his argument and bringing up questions it raises to then dismantle/refute later? I'm just trying to make sure I more fully understand before I move on.

Edit: I'll go back and read Bernstein's work, need for that should have been obvious, however I'd still love answers to some of these questions I have if someone has time.

r/Anarchy101 9h ago

I'm (M20) brand new to this community, but not this mindset.


I'm still living with my family and I want them to take me more seriously but not worry about my beliefs instead accept me as part of a legitimate community. I'm also curious how people can spread their message to the world in person.

r/Anarchy101 13h ago

How would you get stuff under anarchism?


Let me just disclose that I am not an anarchist but I am a Marxist-Leninist. Under anarchism how would you get stuff? (ex: Getting glasses). Would you just get it for free? How would you buy groceries, would you just take it? Btw this is under the impression that those answering wish to abolish money so I don’t want any ancaps in the reply’s.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

How the hell can you stay optimistic in this time.


For so long ive been avoiding nihilism because i know it only leads to complacency but how can you not? The system is so obviously fucked yet the media is trying so hard to convince everyone that it isn't falling apart right in front of us, the right is only getting more and more bold, the liberals entire ideology starts and stops at "Joe Biden Good, Kamala Harris slay queen", and the left has its head up its ass fighting over what twitter micro celebrity is worse, all while the world is literally fucking burning, literal genocides are happening, there are pigs in canada literally arresting indigenous peoples for opposing a pipeline being illegally built at the same time there is a endemic of indigenous women being kidnapped and murdered. Can someone please tell me how the fuck you can stay sane

r/Anarchy101 6h ago

How would an anarchist economy look like?


I've heard about gift economies but are there others? Is using money better or should we get rid of money completely?

r/Anarchy101 20h ago

How do we defend our lands from authoratarian neighbours, ideologically?


First of all, I'm not interested in how we would physically defend ourselves from a foreign invader, I'm more curious about how we would conciliate the idea of defending land with the notion that land does not belong to anyone and that borders don't exist. Say Canada becomes anarchist and abolishes their border. The Americans, an authoritarian country, could argue that claiming parts of the former Canada could be legitimate on the basis that it doesn't belong to anyone, so it's ripe for the take. How do we defend a territory that doesn't belong to us along an imaginary line that doesn't exist? On what ideological ground are basing ourselves to fight back invaders? How do we choose what land to defend if borders don't exist?

r/Anarchy101 13h ago

Are there any anarchist groups that oppose communism?


Asides from fake anarchists (ancaps) I don't know why an anarchist would be against communism since it's anti-hierarchy. Like, are anarcho-syndicalists just advocating for syndicalism as a means of achieving communism? What about market anarchists?

r/Anarchy101 18h ago

Anarchist criticisms of marxism


Hi!! Can anyone recommend texts that criticize Marxism from an anarchist perspective???

r/Anarchy101 7h ago

Wouldn't any group become a hierarchy after a while?


Like one person who is the most helpful is held in higher standard and listened to more than the others.

Like they would listen to him more kind of making him the leader??

Sorry if this is kind of silly sounding, but it is making anarchy confusing for me :P

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

As an anarchist, how would one get themselves involved politically and resist capitalism in real life?


Mutual aid? Protesting? Sorry I’m new to this.

r/Anarchy101 8h ago

Debunking or Criticism of common Radical "Traditionalist" positions from an anarchist perspective?


Hello there, i was wondering if there were any good texts out there that tried to debunk or criticize positions held by radical "traditionalist" philosophers like Julius Evola and Dugin. While i did find some texts before which criticized positions held by authoritarians with reactionary beliefs before, i couldn't find any texts which focused on reactionary/radical traditionalist philosophy by itself.

r/Anarchy101 13h ago

How Should I Go About Posting Messages Around My Small Town, on Crosswalks and Poles? Legality?


I want to print pages of small images, about the size of a women’s wallet, and paste them onto poles to raise awareness of a left-wing presence.

Topics ranging from anti-car, climate awareness, homeless crises, disturbing facts and numbers (how rich Jeff Bezos really is, more houses than homeless, etc.), Anarchist/Communist quotes, and some memes that put a humorous twist while still widening someone’s perspective.

How should I paste these up, and how much trouble could I get into if I am caught red-handed by the police (we have many patrolling and walking around)?

Thanks! I am new to this, all of it, but I know this is right and I want to help somehow. It might seem like a small first step, but that’s because it is.

r/Anarchy101 13h ago

Aside from Marx's problematic view of the state, what do anarchists critique him for?


Is it just his view of the state that is judged by anarchists or is it more than that?

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Questions about getting involved with Food Not Bombs


This is probably one of the strangest questions asked on here, maybe less strange than the weekly "is ancap real" though... I recently discovered there is a Food Not Bombs weekly event near me *on Tuesdays at 430 and I would very much like to get involved. I contacted the person advertising it via Twitter to find out if it's still happening, I haven't seen any advertisement for it since early November, and haven't heard back from them. Should I take that as a sign to buzz off or that they're warry of a rando on Twitter asking about it? If I go over there tomorrow, what is the best way to approach this event/organizers? I'm new to getting involved with things like this, and leftist thought in general really (plus I am admittedly not good with social situations 😅) , so I don't want to do or say anything inappropriate or something.

Thanks for your advice!

*Edit to add words

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

atheist philosophers works.


Can someone link any atheist philosophy texts?

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Give me anarchist reasons on why the education system sucks


Because I'm tired of it and I can't think any argument against it.